All your Fonts are belong to us.

So I was going to wait until later to post a blog but because im irritated and pissed off at Hp, The Carnegie museums, and librarians I figured that it would be a great reason to post the next edition of……………………………………

Chachi Says!!!! (queue generic gameshow music and overly happy and under paid host.)

So today starts with me in bed relaxing before work. After some news and some coffee, I shower and head out the door. I get to work to find out that the museum decided it’s a good day to break out the jack hammers to remodel a few rooms in the basement.

Where are these rooms you ask? Right on the other fucking side of the wall where I sit.

So yes a jacking hammer at 830ish until noonish. Fucking construction workers, WORK FUCKING WEEKENDS OR NIGHTS!

First they decide that library employees are not allowed in that particular part of the bathroom any more. Then they block off the closest mens room. And NOW THE GOD DAMN JACK HAMMER.

On to the next item dumbass issues that dumbasses blame on us. I stole fonts.

There I admitted it. It was all me. I took the Arabic font from every computer on our network. Why? Because I don’t like the fucking name of it. That’s Why! Fuck fonts that start with Ar! Next im taking Times New Roman Bitches!!!!!! All your fonts are belong to us!


Chachi Says: God bless an evening that includes booze, chuck and heroes. Fuck jack hammers and dumbasses. And All your fonts are belong to us!



3 Responses to “All your Fonts are belong to us.”

  1. I KNEW IT! You are a font racist, aren’t you?

  2. So what if i am! im stealing all the fonts in the interwebz once i find out where its located!

  3. I wanted to leave this message in Arabic font. But since you apparently stole it, I am forced to post it in whatever font blogger feels appropriate. I hope you’re happy now!

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