You said what????? Tuesday.

Welcome to Chachi Says!

You picked a hell of a day to stop by also because today is You said what??? Tuesday!

So since this is a new feature lets just go into a bit of what I am expecting from you today.

Remember back in the day, you would get these activity books and in those books would be fill in the blank stories also called mad libs. Well what if you could participate in one of those on someone’s blog…….Guess what you can NOW!!! So grab your notepads and fill in the blanks as you fill in my day.

Today was a (insert adjective here) day. I woke up late thanks to my (insert random item here). I got to work and prepared myself for what was to come. Eventually calls started coming in. Although today I was not accused of(insert action word) of any fonts. Kinda sad actually because I was looking forward to dealing with (adjective here) Librarians. I was however told that I am one of the ( adjective) people that (verb here) in the support center. I did however manage to (verb here) some really (adjective) (noun here ) which made it an alright day. Today we had our biweekly Munchkin Lunch break. Twice a week a few guys from the office get together and (insert non perverted verbs) this card game. It’s a (insert adjective) game that really anyone can play.

Chachi Says: That not every day can be a (insert adjective) day. Sometimes they just (insert verb) by.

Now just post that on your blog and leave a comment and ill swing by and check them out!!!!

Well I hoped you play again and enjoy the game! Next weeks should be more fun!


3 Responses to “You said what????? Tuesday.”

  1. It’s up at

  2. Ashley AfterHours Says:

    I do what Chachi Says…

  3. Next time you should make it a two part blog. The first post, just list in order all the words and Parts of speech, then later come back with the story that way it is completely random.

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