Podcamping and more!

It’s the night before podcamp and there’s not a sound to be had

Just the clatter of keyboards up in the lab

The name tags all lined up on the table with care

Plenty of water for all theres no need to share

When from down the hall arouse such a clatter

It’s the mayhem guys, theres nothing the matter

Closkey and Carmen are hiding and scheming

Sessions so hot the windows are steaming

Jennie and Missy are teaching the noobs

Plenty of vids to be put up on you tube

Everywhere you go theres blogging and casting

Plenty of food so no need for fasting

You call us nerds and that maybe true

Just Stop by you may learn something new

We are business by day but party by night

Happy Podcamp to all, I expect blogs tonight!

So now that has been said as you may know that PCPGH3 is this weekend at AIP. It is something that everyone should check out. Sessions galore put on more then qualified people. It is very educational and a ton of extreme fun.

So yesterday I was suppose to post a new segment on my blog called Old School Gaming 101.

Where I attempt to be a classic game that was hard to beat as a kid or I couldn’t beat as a kid. Just to see if it is still as hard or not.

This weeks game was Legend of Zelda, now this game was hard enough as a kid and I crushed it then. Now recently I felt the urge to go back and not only beat the Legend of Zelda but beat the Master Quest of the game. Now for those of you who don’t know, if you put your name in as Zelda at the create an account screen it makes the game a ton harder then it already was. They change just about everything they can. They up the bad guy difficulty, change the layout of the inside of the dungeons. Hell they even change where the dungeons are. So now your playing what basically is a new game. Same Story, Same Missions. But 99% harder. They hit you with everything they can as soon as they can. Now the first game first time I beat it. Took me a month. Now I was 7 and had to fight my dad for control of the system but I did it. I made Ganon my lil bitch. I wish I could say the same this time. This run through took me a dedicated 4-5 hours a night for a week to beat this in the time limit I gave myself. And I didn’t even come close to the level of ownage on ganon that I once had. It was a good fight, in which I came up the winner and had the pleasure of seeing Link hold up the triforce in triumph. Ah, the good old days. Where games were extremely hard and we loved them for it. I can honestly say that because of those games I am a better gamer today.

Next weeks game at the suggestion of Doc Remedy of cloudenvy.com is Snake Rattle and Roll.

Stay tuned.

Chachi Says: sometimes you gotta love what you do and do what you love. Either way itll be fun.



2 Responses to “Podcamping and more!”

  1. Hey, good adaptation of that familiar old xmas rhyme! Very well done…and good overview of PCPGH3. 🙂..HF.

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