Huh, so this is life.

Podcamp oh POdcamp.

What a fun and glorious time to be had by the social media-ites of the steel city and beyond.

There is alot of great sessions at this un-conference that allow you to grow and learn.

I am home and relaxing in my chair(yes, i said my chair. I found said chair and got said chair making it my chair.) as i am typing i am redownloading and installing World of warcraft* and typing up this blog.

Today i learned a bunch so much so that i took notes as to not lose any of the information should i not be able to retain some of it. It started at nine for check in and opening sessions. It was good to see alot of people whom time and schedule normally prevents me from seeing. I spent alot of of quality time with a bunch of people. bunch. And not just people, great people. People that love this city so much that they spend most of their time trying to figure out what they can do to make it better not just for themselves but for everyone all through using social media and media in general. Good Good People.

I’ve also realized that i am truely blessed to know some of the people that i know and can call friends. I am truely blessed to have the job that i have. Now there are a few things missing that im not sure if i want to go into here. Just dont know if im comfortable enough talking about it. But i do know that some things are going to change in my life for the better. There are certain things that i want to do and certain things im going to change. Now all of these things are going to improve the way i live my life and help me in ways i can only imagine.

Now in some ways people could interperet that to mean that I have finally decided to grow up. In some ways yes i’ve decided that it’s time to look at things differently and grow up. In other ways that people would determine child like, im not going to grow up. I like goofing around with my friends… I like playing video games… i like staying up later then i should… these things are not going to change at all. its just not something that i feel is something that impacts me in a negative way. If people dont like the fact that i do these things then im not so sure i need those people. Because although i like to do those things does not mean that i cannot turn them off and have an itelligent conversation.

Now that thats out of me i fell good about my life so far and feel that i can only do better.

Chachi Says: Who knows why we do the things we do when we do them. Who knows why things turn out the way they do. Who knows when someone realizes that its time to make some changes. however what i do, is that we are in control of our lives, choices are presented and it is up to us to decide what is right for us to do.

until next time



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