So today was day two of Pittsburgh Podcamp 3.

So what is it that i learned today. and unfortunately you do not want to read everything i learned today and i as much do not want to type everything that i learned today.

So in summation here is how today was… Freakin SWEET!

However here is what i want to know from you…

What makes you an expert in something? do you need a piece of paper to say that you are widely educated in said something?

The reason i ask is because today i had several conversations with lots of people. I wish i couldve had more with more people or longer ones with certain people.
However one sticks out more in my mind more then any others. Today i took a session run by John Carman(i got it right all by myself sir, no newspaper for me.) on wordpress. It was informative, educational and fun. I sat next to the great Chris Brogan and when it was over i told Chris that had a school offered a degree in social media when i was in college I wouldve taken it. I told him it would be nice to have a piece of paper to show that i am an “expert” in the subject. It’s entertaining and fun in a nerdy way. i enjoy learning and participating in these types of things.

Now i see people like Chris and Justin doing consultant type work for companies that want to expand to use these methods and i smile. I smile because im happy that these guys are able to go out and do that something to which they both enjoy as a living. Now dont get me wrong but i love my job. However if i could do something like it would be fun.

Do i have the drive to do this no, but i take my hats off to those who do.

I enjoyed everything this weekend i dont consider myself an expect in these matters, do i know more then the average person about these items. That i can say yes to. Do i plan on continuing to learn about these things thats an even bigger yes.

Chachi Says: Why do you care if your an expert in something or not. The only person it matters to is you. If you know more about something then the average person about a subject then yes you too are an expert.

Until tomorrow



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  1. good times indeed…

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