Fing Mondays

i am not and have never been a fan of mondays, and until recently monday related events. I mean i used to watch raw religiously so we have had our brush mondays and i but we have never seen eye to eye on many things.

Here is a list of why i hate mondays

The weekend is over when you come.
which also means the week is just beginisaajklhlh(my cat beaver says hi as he plops himself down on my keyboard indicating that its time to pet him)

now that i have pleased him to the point that he is on my lap and not the keyboard lets continue.

You always seem to be the most busy and hectic day of the week.
You will never be as cool as your siblings tuesday and thursday.
You will never ever ever ever ever ever be as cool as Friday.

the only good thing about you is that you exist. Because if we did not have you then tuesday would be the new you and lets face it, Tuesday does not deserve that fate ever.

Now when you are right, and proven you are right, why must people tell you your wrong. i mean you can smack them in the face with a fish and if they are stubborn enough they will try to tell you that you smacked them with a dolphin which is a mammel. Don’t get me wrong. i can be a stubborn person however i know when im wrong and it does happen alot. Lets say for example. i fix a computer. i say what i did to fix the computer. Someone says im wrong. I reverse what i did to break the computer again and re fix it. Does that not say that i am right in saying that i knew what was wrong and fixed it? Not that it matters but i was right.

So here are some things to come….

New layout and design and location However if you change your bookmarks to your going to be fine.
Tuesday will bring about a new format to the You said what Tuesday.
Thursday will have a new old school gaming 101 segment in which i report back with my comments and success or failures on this weeks game, Snake Rattle and Roll.
Everything in between will be filled with other random thoughts and blog pieces….. why you may ask. well at podcamp a Ms. Closkey reminded everyone that November is National Blog Posting Month which you can get her thoughts on it. and you can go to, to find out all about it. so i will be starting with a new design and blog posts so i can prep for this yearly event.

Chachi says: People just like to argue it goes with their need to hear themselves talk. SHUT UP! Your wrong! Deal with it…. I aint Mad at cha monday we just arent right for each other. Its ok we will live normal lives not getting along.

until tomorrow…



One Response to “Fing Mondays”

  1. Apparently my relationship with Monday is a warmer one than yours is, so I feel bad hearing you talk the poor day down.Still, that’s your prerogative. Maybe some Monday, some wonderful thing will happen to make you see things differently. Let’s hope so.I’m glad you’ll be doing the NaBloPoMo thing. It will be fun.

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