NABLOPOMO Drunken Chachi Style….

My Fellow Americans,

Today is the day that we start a Journey, a journey that some only take
once or twice a year. Others everyday.

Today is the day we start National Blog Post Month.

What does this mean for you?
This means that for the next 30 days, you get 30 post.
More Fun, More drama and much more venting. You get to hear what i have
to say on a guarenteed basis. You will know my thoughts and feelings
my sorrow, my joy, everything. All neatly and sometimes not neat at all.
As you can tell ive already begun to ramble however with the theme i chose
for this blog post that doesnt matter. Just be happy that im not making
up words just to fill space and sound smart.

I am not going to fill your head with empty promises i cannot keep
30 days and 30 post is all i can promise to you, my people. so as we
embark on this journey together here is a list of people and blogs that i
know are particapating in this month long event(for those of you i missed
please just get in touch with me and ill add you to the list.)

Dj Lunchbox –
Lyrique Tragedy –
That Night –
Burgh Baby –
Sorgatron –
Ms. Closkey –

(i would like to state that at this point in the blog im running on fumes and walked home from the closest provider of alcoholic beverages. i was also classmates with the bartender who is verrrrrry kind to out of town visitors. the fact that i can type this well is nothing short of a miracle. So as my energy and drunkness have mde* me forgetful so please just hit me and say hey you forgot me.)

so a few drinks ago i realized that a town that is this one, is supporting in my opinion the wrong candidate. Now the majority of the people that live here are lower middle class citizens who cant afford to go through a certain persons plans. this to me is strange and confusing, i wouldve thought that it would go the other way but eh who am i to judge.

Chachi Says: when the bartender puts another drink in front of you and doesnt take any money for it you have to keep drinking them and sneak out when they are not looking when you know you have had enough. By the way for my own Knowledge i parked at steph’s. Thats where my car is just in case i dont remember just twitter me.

Peace out

see you tommorow.

* this was the first visible to myself mistake that i made. i most liekly made a hell of alot more giving my state but eh who is counting.

By the way i posted this blog at 12:01 am saturday morning to count it as my first blog post of the 30.


5 Responses to “NABLOPOMO Drunken Chachi Style….”

  1. Awesome! But, you did forget someone… http://rebelliousflaw.blogspot.comP.S. If you’re signed up for the NaBloPoMo website, I have created a Yinz Team group which I hope others will join so we can find all of our favorite Yinzers in the same spot!

  2. Good luck! If you ever need an idea for something to post, holler my way. I’ve got about two dozen memes I never did, and I’d be more than happy to pass them to you for a source of inspiration. Or torture, since that’s what NaBloBlahBlah really is. 😉

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