God dammit, Im home.

Back where I come from…..

Yesterday, as always I wandered over to www.theburghblog.com home of the famous or infamous Pitt girl. Only to find that she had gracefully bowed out of the blogging scene. I understand completely why she is doing it and support her decision completely. I have to admit that like most other people I searched at least a little bit to try to uncover the mystery. However I gave up really quick realizing that a. it was pointless. It would just take away from the experience so to speak. And B.I really didn’t care. I didn’t try hard. I asked a few people I knew and got the same answer. “I don’t Know.” I shrugged it off.

However I do have to thank Pitt Girl. She other bloggers taught me to stop ignoring everything as I “walked” by. The common mistake of most people not paying attention to those people or things around you. To speak up about things in the media. Or even just make your own noise….

I grew up in a town of about 6000 people tops. I could walk from one end of town to the other before what ever cd in my player was done. I knew the town very well and still do for the most part. The businesses change and the people grow but its still the same place. I came here and didn’t really explore much. Now however I take extra time to make sure I can explore everything.

Chachi Says: it took me 2 years to figure out that I was referring to the wrong place as home. 2 long years. I awoke one morning hopped a trolley and as we came through the tunnel into downtown I saw the city glimmer and sparkle in the morning sunlight and realized that I was home. I may not be a diehard stillers fan.(yes I do cheer for them.) I love the Pens. I have a rollercoaster relationship with the pirates like the rest of the city. I know that we do it with fries on top. I know that we are moving forward. And I know better then to touch a chair that is sitting in the street next to the curb. From the North Shore to the South Side, There is no other place id rather be. God dammit, Im home.


2 Responses to “God dammit, Im home.”

  1. So that’s why I found you sitting in my living room when I got home from work last night? LOL

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