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Posted in Uncategorized on November 3, 2008 by chachisays

so here we sit.

i could go on a rant about how again monday came and gave me a swift kick in the ass as if to say hi.
I could go on a rant about the election and how the campaigning is getting on my nerves and how happy i will be when tomorrow is over.
i could sit here and not blog at all. which i honestly dont want to do.

to the first one i say no, because ive done it a few times before.
to the second one i say no, because i dont want to waste the time and energy.
to the third one i say no, because i agreed to do this.

Here is what is on my mind today.

Once an hour, i as instructed walk away from computer. i go outside and watch people.
i see people being treated badly all day. being ignored as they drop items. almost walking into doors because no one held it for two seconds.
where has kindness gone?

Twitter told me that it is in a coma.

well it needs to wake the fuck up.

Chachi says: its amazing when you are too irritated to blog your frustrations.




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Day Two of Thirty….

So far so good. two days two blogs. 28 days to go.

So i returned to my hometown this weekend as if you couldnt tell from the first blog.

heres what happens when i go home.

I spend time with my family at the the bar.


Thats all i did.

bullshit. the town is much better then that but no one there realizes it.

Then i drove home and this is the sight i saw.

God i love this city.

Chachi Says: maybe they are right. maybe you can never go home again. You can make a new home and family in a different place. God i love this city…

Peace out.