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Hiphone vs. Iphone part one.

Posted in Uncategorized on December 10, 2008 by chachisays

So as you may have already been told, i was punished by receiving an iphone knockoff.
It was the Hiphone i32.

hiphone iphone

the hiphone is on the left.

Now besides the obvious size differences, you can see another difference from this photo. The time. On the left you notice that the hiphone has military time. the iphone does not. This option is not changeable. Neither is the default earth background picture. which is on the iphone Sorgatron put it back for the picture.

Now lets get to the functionality of the phone itself.

When i got it, i put in my sim card. and was baffled because it has two. so if you have a work phone and a personal phone slap both of those bad boys in there and you can switch via the handy dandy option right on the main menu.

Along with that, you get a multimedia option, messaging, internet, sim card management, and many more.

So before i continue let me just say that this is part one because of the one forum is extremely dedicated to making these devil phones work as much as an iphone does. which is never going to happen ever. so i plan on doing some more experiments with the phone to see how functional i can get it to be.

Now right away, i could not get the following items to work.
MMS Messaging
Multimedia of any type
and im assuming that the tilt screen function did not work either altho i never could get and pics on it to test.

so lets start with the demo video i found on the i32 that made me curious to begin with.

So there you have it. Thats what the devil phone is supposed to do.

Now as you can tell it didnt. not in the least bit work, So i stopped using it and got a sidekick but thats another day.

So i put in my sim and spend 20 mins trying to determine which slot was one and which was two.
after that mess, i try to micro sd card. and it fails there also because it did not recognize it at all.

That alone pissed me off, so hours and hours and hours later i move on to the interwebz portion of the phone or lack thereof.

I had to scour the internet to find the settings for tmobile then scour the phone in its broken english language to find where to stick the settings.

Only to find that it doesnt work anyhow. why because the chinese suck.
Not really just when making knockoffs.

Also no third party apps, why?


thus endth part one……

Coming up in part two can chachi make this work. can he break the phone down……..

Chachi Says: experimenting with phones is fun sometimes. but make sure its not your primary cell phone.

til next time!



Fortress of solitude.

Posted in Uncategorized on December 7, 2008 by chachisays

hi, my name is chachi,

i guess you could call me a semi agoraphob…

i dont look at it that way. I look at it as being antisocial personality. I dont leave my house much, not including work. I go to work. i come home. i go to my shows. and sometimes ill venture out to other things. you know important stuff podcamp, blog fest, wrestling events, random drinking events, and to the sorgs for the mayhem show. Mind you that those trips are spread out over a several month time span.

Now i cant really pin point why i am the way i am. however i can try.

this blog is the work of several days just an fyi if you notice a change in attitude or typing thats why.

Now i wasnt always like this, i would go out and try to have a good time. i would go places just because i could. (im not going to name names in this blog just because i dont want to unintentionally hurt feelings. i really do love the people im protecting but writing about here.)

I guess you could say that it has to do with the fact that alot of the outside world irritates the hell out of me. the majority of the human race flat out pisses me off. why you may ask. let me tell you. society says that you have to be a certain way. act a certain way, live a certain way. eff you society and the ones that fall into the mold that society has built. i dont work that way. and the people i like do not work that way either. we stand out to try to make the world a better place. and fix the mistakes that you effing sheep make. we do our best to make sure that we do not fit a stereotype.

Tonight i went out, i went to sing sings, for a gathering of friends from near and far. i had a great time. i left said establishment and went to a place i had driven past many many times but never once noticed which is a crime by any means. A place called ruggers, where i hung out with 4 other people ranging in age from 22 and up. and had a fantastic time. they showed me why i missed going out. I sat i talked i drank and i feel great.

Now i know that people are going to ask me or try to ask me intimate questions about the people i was with. and to be honest im happy you read this and care but im not going to answer them. why, because i dont feel it right to name names and discuss anything that happened after the first place. we had fun. they are still there having fun. i however felt it nessecery to call it a night. Now, dont get me wrong. i love each and everyone of my friends and would do absolutely anything to help them when asked. im not saying that i found a new crowd to spend all my time with. im just saying that it was fun to just sit and talk about anything that came up with a new group of people. kinda get a new perspective on life and what we do.

At this point it sounds like we had life changing conversations….False. It also sounds like im trying to say that my old group of peeps cant provide this for me…false again.

what i am trying to say is that this outside group of people that i have mainly only talked to online showed me why i shouldnt give up on society and stay in my house all the time.

end friday portion…

So its saturday, i wasnt sure what it was that i was trying to say in this post. had no clue. i stared at it, reading rereading rerereading. Still had no clue.

i send it to someone else and it all makes sense.

i need to go out more, and meet more people and hang out more with the people i meet.

so to the people present last night at sing sings in no particular order; the sorgs, Anthony, veronica, will, mike, ashley, jennie, jennies guy(sorry im really bad with names), and wills artistic friend(once again sorry.) and Claire. Sweet ass time! Thanks.

And to the people that ventured to Ruggers Pub my new bar away from home: Claire, Anthony, Jennie, and Jennie’s guy( see above apology.)
Awesome Thank you even more!

Chachi Says: Staying at home keeps my fortress of Solitude entact. I love my fortress of solitude. its comfy and theres no random people there.
But sometimes the walls have to come down. If i let you in. dont fuck me over. or else ill never leave again.



hmmm. blogging. i seem to remember this…..

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so as you can tell Nablopomo has once again come and gone.

I was challenged by Lunchbox over at to complete this task.

So its with this that i congratulate sir lunchbox and the countless others that have been able to complete this, alot with a meaningful post each day, some with video clips or pics.

I did not finish complete the 30 days 30 post challenge.

Here is why;

i believe i have said this before. If i post everyday it will become the broken record blog. it will be me complaining about the same thing, everyday. now i really dont want to have to type that every day. Just like you dont want to have to read it every day.

its as simple as that.

Im still working on a new layout and home. Im still planning on doing the theme days for tuesday and thursday’s.

and i plan on getting this done regularly.

it seems that my plate is filling up faster then ever but im shoveling through it bit by bit.

Thanks to the people who have been keeping sane and calm lately.

One of which will be joining me friday.

chachi says:

why repeat the same thing every day. its boring for every one.

til tommorow.