hmmm. blogging. i seem to remember this…..

so as you can tell Nablopomo has once again come and gone.

I was challenged by Lunchbox over at to complete this task.

So its with this that i congratulate sir lunchbox and the countless others that have been able to complete this, alot with a meaningful post each day, some with video clips or pics.

I did not finish complete the 30 days 30 post challenge.

Here is why;

i believe i have said this before. If i post everyday it will become the broken record blog. it will be me complaining about the same thing, everyday. now i really dont want to have to type that every day. Just like you dont want to have to read it every day.

its as simple as that.

Im still working on a new layout and home. Im still planning on doing the theme days for tuesday and thursday’s.

and i plan on getting this done regularly.

it seems that my plate is filling up faster then ever but im shoveling through it bit by bit.

Thanks to the people who have been keeping sane and calm lately.

One of which will be joining me friday.

chachi says:

why repeat the same thing every day. its boring for every one.

til tommorow.



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