Hiphone vs. Iphone part one.

So as you may have already been told, i was punished by receiving an iphone knockoff.
It was the Hiphone i32.

hiphone iphone

the hiphone is on the left.

Now besides the obvious size differences, you can see another difference from this photo. The time. On the left you notice that the hiphone has military time. the iphone does not. This option is not changeable. Neither is the default earth background picture. which is on the iphone Sorgatron put it back for the picture.

Now lets get to the functionality of the phone itself.

When i got it, i put in my sim card. and was baffled because it has two. so if you have a work phone and a personal phone slap both of those bad boys in there and you can switch via the handy dandy option right on the main menu.

Along with that, you get a multimedia option, messaging, internet, sim card management, and many more.

So before i continue let me just say that this is part one because of the one forum is extremely dedicated to making these devil phones work as much as an iphone does. which is never going to happen ever. so i plan on doing some more experiments with the phone to see how functional i can get it to be.

Now right away, i could not get the following items to work.
MMS Messaging
Multimedia of any type
and im assuming that the tilt screen function did not work either altho i never could get and pics on it to test.

so lets start with the demo video i found on the i32 that made me curious to begin with.

So there you have it. Thats what the devil phone is supposed to do.

Now as you can tell it didnt. not in the least bit work, So i stopped using it and got a sidekick but thats another day.

So i put in my sim and spend 20 mins trying to determine which slot was one and which was two.
after that mess, i try to micro sd card. and it fails there also because it did not recognize it at all.

That alone pissed me off, so hours and hours and hours later i move on to the interwebz portion of the phone or lack thereof.

I had to scour the internet to find the settings for tmobile then scour the phone in its broken english language to find where to stick the settings.

Only to find that it doesnt work anyhow. why because the chinese suck.
Not really just when making knockoffs.

Also no third party apps, why?


thus endth part one……

Coming up in part two can chachi make this work. can he break the phone down……..

Chachi Says: experimenting with phones is fun sometimes. but make sure its not your primary cell phone.

til next time!



2 Responses to “Hiphone vs. Iphone part one.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why do you have to rant against the chinese just because you found a defective product? What a bigot.

    • oh you annoying little ball-less troll.

      if you bothered to think before you spoke, you would notice that what i said was a joke.

      And if you take the liberty of playing the race card this fast then it is you that is racist. i in fact have no problems with the chinese.

      Thanks For Reading,

      Have a nice fucking day.

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