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Just a speck….

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You are raised to believe that you, yes you can make an impact on this world. So if interested in this thought you try your best to leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet. Not an easy thing to do at all, yet you try. You try hard. And lets be honest, you fail. But you brush yourself off and you try again.

Now relationships are a partnership between two people whether they last 2 hours or 200 hundred years. During this time, you learn and grow with each other. After a while you become a constant in the other persons life and vice versa. And whether the relationship ends on a good note or on a bad note you should leave a lasting impression. In most cases at least.
Now to find out otherwise is a huge blow. You feel like nothing you do matters. You make no lasting impressions, you are easily forgotten. A speck in this vacuum we call life.

I am a speck, Can you spot me?


Yea Me Either……..


im someplace where i dont know where i am

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Previously On Chachi Says:
(insert cryptic music here fade to black. Cue show)

So 30 days ago I was having a conversation about different tv shows that I or Claire watch.4 At that time it was suggested to me that I should watch lost. Now little did Claire know that I had already planned to watch said show. 8 I had borrowed the first two season from a friend who swears by the show. 15 At the time i borrowed them I was told that it was the best show on television. 16 Now come on, there is a few good shows on television and to declare this one the best I find that hard to believe. 23 So I said that I would watch Lost and see for myself. Now if I’m going to watch a show, I’m gonna watch the hell out of the show. 42 I declared that I would watch the show and see what I think. I specifically said that I would be caught up by the day of the new episode. Today is that day…. Jan 21st, 2009. I can honestly say that im hooked. I was hooked after 6 episodes. I feel in love with 4 the characters I knew which ones I liked and which ones got on my nerves. Well yes, I am hooked. Is 8 it the best show on television. Id say one of but not the best.

So just for those who are unaware, Lost has 4 seasons, 83 episodes totaling 3735 minutes of tv. I watched it in 28 days to make sure I was caught up. Im a beast or I have no life 15 what so ever. I’m leaning towards the second choice. 16

Tonight is the season premier. 23 Yes I am a monster(Thanks Claire). Yes I was created(by Claire). Yes, I’m thankful. 42

So it is 11 pm and I have watched my first episode of lost in its time slot the way it was meant to say. And here is how I feel great. Other then the fact that I have to wait until next week for the next episode.
I am estatic that I was given the “kool aid” for the show. I never knew that tv shows had pushers but SOMEONE just kept eggin me on with constant keep watching;s and Uh huh keep going’s….
However you should go see what Claire says about the show at

Chachi Says: Im back and better then ever.