im someplace where i dont know where i am

Previously On Chachi Says:
(insert cryptic music here fade to black. Cue show)

So 30 days ago I was having a conversation about different tv shows that I or Claire watch.4 At that time it was suggested to me that I should watch lost. Now little did Claire know that I had already planned to watch said show. 8 I had borrowed the first two season from a friend who swears by the show. 15 At the time i borrowed them I was told that it was the best show on television. 16 Now come on, there is a few good shows on television and to declare this one the best I find that hard to believe. 23 So I said that I would watch Lost and see for myself. Now if I’m going to watch a show, I’m gonna watch the hell out of the show. 42 I declared that I would watch the show and see what I think. I specifically said that I would be caught up by the day of the new episode. Today is that day…. Jan 21st, 2009. I can honestly say that im hooked. I was hooked after 6 episodes. I feel in love with 4 the characters I knew which ones I liked and which ones got on my nerves. Well yes, I am hooked. Is 8 it the best show on television. Id say one of but not the best.

So just for those who are unaware, Lost has 4 seasons, 83 episodes totaling 3735 minutes of tv. I watched it in 28 days to make sure I was caught up. Im a beast or I have no life 15 what so ever. I’m leaning towards the second choice. 16

Tonight is the season premier. 23 Yes I am a monster(Thanks Claire). Yes I was created(by Claire). Yes, I’m thankful. 42

So it is 11 pm and I have watched my first episode of lost in its time slot the way it was meant to say. And here is how I feel great. Other then the fact that I have to wait until next week for the next episode.
I am estatic that I was given the “kool aid” for the show. I never knew that tv shows had pushers but SOMEONE just kept eggin me on with constant keep watching;s and Uh huh keep going’s….
However you should go see what Claire says about the show at

Chachi Says: Im back and better then ever.



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