Just a speck….

You are raised to believe that you, yes you can make an impact on this world. So if interested in this thought you try your best to leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet. Not an easy thing to do at all, yet you try. You try hard. And lets be honest, you fail. But you brush yourself off and you try again.

Now relationships are a partnership between two people whether they last 2 hours or 200 hundred years. During this time, you learn and grow with each other. After a while you become a constant in the other persons life and vice versa. And whether the relationship ends on a good note or on a bad note you should leave a lasting impression. In most cases at least.
Now to find out otherwise is a huge blow. You feel like nothing you do matters. You make no lasting impressions, you are easily forgotten. A speck in this vacuum we call life.

I am a speck, Can you spot me?


Yea Me Either……..


3 Responses to “Just a speck….”

  1. You, Sir, are more than a speck. Although you may not have impacted the lives you “wanted” to impact, you have certainly impacted many, many others. Wanna know what I’m talking about? Check out Dawn’s photo post from the other day. That pic of the softball team? Yeah, that was totally you. All those peeps? Yeah, you’ve totally impacted all of their lives. You may think I’m biased on this decision. So go ahead, ask anyone from that photo, and you’ll know that I’m right.

  2. As I’m finishing up my psychology B.S., I’ll be able to provide you with my overinflated ideas of life and my subject until disillusionment sets in.Here’s some statistics for you to chew on. If you are generally a pleasant person who makes friends feel good, then that creates a 25% mood booster to immediate friends. Their friends benefit 10% and their friends benefit 5%. Those people’s friend receive a residual benefit of your niceness by 2.5%.The moral of that story: Don’t be a dick.But seriously, one person leaves more an impact than you could ever imagine. The above only states the effect that you have on one person and each subsequent person that they’re connected with. Think of how many people that you just hardly brush against in passing. Cashiers, people on the street, co-workers, etc.There is no such thing as a speck. We are all apart of this global society, and we all have the potential for a major global impact, for better or worse.Use it wisely 😀

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