WTF was i thinking Friday

Afternoon of the Dead…….

I just came from a break upon which we discuss what i have to say i spend most of the time thinking about…..

and something that most people should spend a decent amount of time thinking about….

The Zombie Apocalypse.

Now im not going to go into details on how to survive said zombie attack.
Because honestly if your reading this then you already now. and if you dont, well im sorry but your gonna end up zombie fodder and ill miss you dearly. Honestly i will.

Now after thinking about it ive realized that i have always lived in the ideal location should the zombie attack happen.
Near a convience store, near a grocery store, near a fast food resteraunt. Now im not saying that in all cases the trip would be zombie free but it would be safer then living other places.

Lets take my current place of residency for example. Within a block is a grocery store, three blocks is a gas station and another convienance store.
and if i get bored because the internet went out while i was boarded up in my house, there is a video store two blocks away. And with that im set in the ways of food stuffs, gas, kerosine, and entertainment.

Now my house is almost fortress like with a few flaws. On the first floor i have 4 windows. one is too far off the ground for a zombie to reach. One is two small for a zombie to utilize, and the other two are my main problems. Two semi big bay type windows. Now i know your thinking “well eff chach, your screwed” alas thats where your wrong my dear friends. see the advantages of redoing parts of a house is that you always have left over materials. Which means that i have enough wood, cement, and appropriate tools to take care of said problem. Another flaw is the back door. while decorative and nice looking and well protected with a security system to stop normal criminals, the glass would be an easy target for zombies. and once again, i have that figured out as well. i kept the steel door that was on there from before and can easily change it out when i recieve word of an attack. So the house is my base….

I dont know what made me do a post on my plan of action in the event of a zombie attack.

However if your smart enough to make it to my place without becoming zombie fodder your more then welcome. i have enough food and weapons to go around.

Chachi Says: i can take zombies………Can you?



4 Responses to “WTF was i thinking Friday”

  1. My basement windows have me effed…and back/front porch windows/doors. At least the doors are heavy…

  2. I would just throw jr. at them and run.

  3. We had this discussion at the Con. i agree. if i can make it to your place i’ll fort up there. if not i’ll try the grocery store. Will is on his own.

  4. Firstly, I recently had a horrible nightmare involving my family, my young son and zombies. No matter how unreal, it was still horrific.*My* house isn’t equipped for zombies. My windows are too big and there are at least five points of entry for the zombies, concerning the windows. Then there are two easily accessible doors. You may think to yourself, “Well you’re ‘effed.” Nope.My parents house (next door) is the perfect zombie fortress. Once the design flaws are taken care of (like the points of entry), it contains enough weaponry, dry / canned food, and bottled water to withstand it. Plus, my father is a Vietnam Vet which means he’s a trained killer. Nothing like having a trained killer get you through a zombie attack. And the man is a genius builder. He can make anything out of anything.I’d probably be zombie food because I’m protecting a small child. But maybe not. You know what they say about mothers.

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