Cavemen still exist,

Now if you happen to pay attention when you out to places you will notice that cave drawings and the existance of neanderthal’s is a current thing.

Let me explain,

Now they took away our private employee bathroom when people started stealing things from the musuem, I understood why they blocked it off and dealt with it. Now my co workers and i have to use the library’s public restroom.

now in this restroom there are a few urinals and a few stalls. however one stall is the artistic stall.

here are some examples taken with my cell phone for this purpose. this is just from this week. I would like to state that i did not add to this wall regardless of what you think the images were added by other people.




Now here is the best part. This is just from this week. This section of the wall is painted white once a week. ONCE A WEEK. which means that people are adding to this thing weekly enough to guarentee one janitors job.

Chachi says: long live the cave…..


3 Responses to “rawrrrrr”

  1. is that poetry???

  2. Ashley AfterHours Says:

    That is totally badass! I would make it my own personal mission to come up with something to write/draw on that wall once a week. Oh, and don’t lie. I know you contributed the triforce…

  3. Can’t say I ever heard the phrase “a pillowcase full of doorknobs” before.

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