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So as it’s been over a month since I’ve last blogged or thought about blogging(Feb 19 to be exact) this may take some getting used to again.

Now if you follow me on twitter which if your reading this then you do but you would know that my job has been less then desirable as of late. They outsourced the helpdesk (my primary job) and have yet to let me go. That’s all well and good and I don’t mind much but don’t give me busy work to do just so you have a reason to keep me.

Because of these developments I find myself with a lot of free time at work. Which I normally spend over thinking everything.

Here is the point that I’m too currently.
How do you know that you’re using social media correctly? Is there an incorrect way to use social media? As I type this I have twitter and facebook open and actively using both of them to stay up to date on what my peeps are doing.
I brought this up to @Sorgatron ( etc etc. ) who intelligently answered the question with questions of his own. This conversation happened on aim, the names have been blocked to protect those identities.

ME: so I’m too a point where i want to use social media to achieve some kind of goal. which is where the problem lies.

Sorg: you don’t have a goal?

Me: not one that can be acquired through the use of social media

Sorg: is it a business goal you want? or some sort of cause you believe in? are you using social media just because it’s there and interesting? or because it’s really applicable?
End Transmission

Those are all very good points brought up by my extremely smart counterpart. They are all questions that I want to ask a lot of the people that I talk too through twitter. So I post it here. Also it helped me realize why I started using twitter to begin with. It was new. That’s all, it was a new toy of which I could remove the plastic from and have adventures with, and that’s exactly what I did. I’ve played games via twitter, sent many Gary Goomba pictures, ran several experiments involving auto follows and pants status.

Then I realized that I accomplished goals that I didn’t actually set but goals nonetheless.

A. I met tons of awesome new people.
B. I have fun with these new awesome people on a daily basis.
C. I continue to learn each day because of the people I follow and the links they send out, or the conversations we have.
D. I continue to meet new awesome people each day.
E. I was here before Oprah.
F. My experiments entertain people(or at least I hope they do.)

Now E. isn’t really a goal but needed some laughter in there somewhere.

Now with that list typed up I realize that in my opinion I’ve been using social media extremely well. Can I take it to a whole other level and reach out and poke the world as a whole, who knows but you know what? I think it’s worth a shot.

Chachi Says:
Whether you believe it or not the purposes for which you do things are not always outlined clearly and cleanly but sometimes you can dig through the crap and find the answers you are looking for.