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Urban Survival

Posted in Uncategorized on July 31, 2009 by chachisays

So growing up in a small town means that no one really bothers you when you do certain things.

Bmxing, skateboarding, Roller Blading….. These types of things.


The problem with being from a small town and doing these things is that there isnt many places built for such things. I look around downtown and see all these places that would be great. However many people find them problems. They feel that these kids are in the way and I feel bad for the kids.

Now before people start arguing with me that they have designated places for this, its not the same. A small skate park in an out of the way location does not provide the same challenges as a well built building downtown.

These activities keep the kids from committing crimes, doing drugs or just causing trouble in general. Let them skate, let them bike. Believe it or not they are learning. Maybe they will go home and build a quarter or half pipe teaching them not only construction and design but engineering and aerodynamics. If they are really into their deck or bike, then they will work on them teaching them mechanics. It really is helpful.

Not really sure what prompted this, just felt to urge.

Chachi Says: Next time you see a kid skateboarding and he falls, before laughing offer him some encouraging words, it may go a long way.


Life; the great puzzle.

Posted in Uncategorized on July 22, 2009 by chachisays

You start out life not knowing much, but as the days go on you figure out little tricks and solve pieces that seem to make everything seem right. Picking up hints, comparing what you are doing to what others are doing and adjusting accordingly.

You begin as a infant, you learn that if you scream loud enough, you’re likely to get what you want soon enough. It may take a few wrong guesses on behalf of your parents but they try their hardest. Then you grow and you begin to learn to do things for yourself. Once again it may take a few wrong guesses but eventually you get the piece to fit.

You continue like this growing through childhood and reaching preteen and eventually hit teen. This is where the music speeds up and everything starts moving a lot quicker. You begin to actually pay for mistakes that you make. Didn’t study hard enough, practice long enough, or straight up get it right, oh they will be there to point it out. Sure it may hurt, you may get into trouble but next time you have a chance to redo it, or do you? What if, that leaves a hole where another piece would’ve fit properly? What if, that’s the move that causes an extreme uphill battle to get back to where you should be?

But wait! There’s more. Oh Yes! There’s more! See that’s just your teen years! You now get to grow into adulthood! Yay for you! Now everything is for real. The decisions you make could now impact more then just you. You get a job, hopefully in your chosen field. Now you have to go to work to keep this job. Oh, don’t let me forget the part where you have to excel for them to have a reason to keep you! This isn’t school, where as long as you show up and give it a shot you get to keep coming back. This is real, where the performance you give, the choices you make determine your status. That’s just the work side of it. You are also expected to have a social life as well! It’s like playing Tetris, you can pay attention to one side of the board, but if you do, it’s going to fill up quick and leave the otherside empty.

Which could lead you to making rushed decisions leaving holes or gaps where had you played the field evenly you may not have those. It takes skill to balance everything evenly. It’s a feat not easily accomplished. If your lucky enough to pull it off then you are truly a juggler.


I know what those holes mean to me. Do you know what they mean to you?

Chachi Says: I think life’s main plan is to see whether or not you can keep those balls going. No matter the circumstances, no matter the conditions, no matter what.