Urban Survival

So growing up in a small town means that no one really bothers you when you do certain things.

Bmxing, skateboarding, Roller Blading….. These types of things.


The problem with being from a small town and doing these things is that there isnt many places built for such things. I look around downtown and see all these places that would be great. However many people find them problems. They feel that these kids are in the way and I feel bad for the kids.

Now before people start arguing with me that they have designated places for this, its not the same. A small skate park in an out of the way location does not provide the same challenges as a well built building downtown.

These activities keep the kids from committing crimes, doing drugs or just causing trouble in general. Let them skate, let them bike. Believe it or not they are learning. Maybe they will go home and build a quarter or half pipe teaching them not only construction and design but engineering and aerodynamics. If they are really into their deck or bike, then they will work on them teaching them mechanics. It really is helpful.

Not really sure what prompted this, just felt to urge.

Chachi Says: Next time you see a kid skateboarding and he falls, before laughing offer him some encouraging words, it may go a long way.


2 Responses to “Urban Survival”

  1. I had a gravel driveway and a dirt road. I have the same thoughts down there. It’s like walking around Tony Hawk Underground down there…without the Jackass guys..

  2. Sorg,
    Most people dont take care of there pavement. The smoothest most well maintained cement is downtown….

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