Corner of Success and Failure

I’ve been paying attention to street layouts, sign placement and such lately not really sure why.

However, what if Life threw out or used the same signs?


Seriously, think about it. Then what you need to decide is what kind of “driver” would you be? Defensive? offensive? a lil of both depending on the circumstances?

Picture it.

Defensive driver, stopping the full 3 seconds at stop signs, yielding when told so. Following the speed limit or close to it. Now if you are following this metaphor, Then these are the people that would get passed up by life, missing the opportunities given merely because they took their time getting there. Sometimes.

Offensive Driver, Speeding their asses off, racing to get everywhere. Running Red lights, stop signs, yield signs. All because they think that its the “street racer” first one there wins. Sometimes.

Mixture of Both: Not a speeder, but certainly not going to sit in traffic behind the guy doing 46 in a 45 zone. stops briefly at the stop sign, and depends on where they are going determines whether or not they heed to that yield sign.

However what all three types don’t stop and think about is that no matter what, the win is always circumstantial.

Chachi Says: you should really stop critiquing others driving style. Your preferred style, may or may not be right for others. It’s kind of you to be concerned about how long it takes a goal to be reached, But you know what, don’t worry they’ll get there.


3 Responses to “Corner of Success and Failure”

  1. Are you prepping to write a self
    help book?

  2. Depends. Do you feel helped?

  3. I used to be an Offensive Life Driver… I was always plotting my “route” for years down the line in some kind of strange sequence that had to be followed. Before I won any competition, or finished a degree, or got hired for a job, I was already thinking of how that experience would help me get to the next three goals…

    … but I never really had an ultimate destination in mind beyond being a university professor and a writer, and I never appreciated the experiences for what they were at the time. When I changed directions with my career and left Academia, I was forced in to the “Defensive Life Driver” position, and I realized just how much of the scenery I had been missing.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post Chachi! Glad to see you writing again… 🙂

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