Why i blog.

So today I saw a link, I click said link and was enticed by a list of 11 or so different e-books on blogging.

 I downloaded a couple, and instantly realized that I was trapped amidst marketing ideas and pr schemes involving driving misdirected traffic to my blog.

 Now before you SEO, New Media, PR types get all huffy and trying to defend yourselves against what I said just remember, That’s your job. You get paid to do that and its awesome that you do. However it’s not what im looking for. I’m not selling anything.

Blogging for me allows a place where if I have thoughts I can throw them down, post them and walk away. If I want to share something that happened in my life boom, theres the blog.  If someone reads it and says hey, I disagree. Or that’s some pretty deep stuff and either wants to discuss it that’s a bonus. If someone wants to attack me based on something I wrote whether real or not. Awesome. I love a good battle.

Either way, I have a place where I can type what I feel, think, or did and basically walk away. Most of the time it requires no further thought. No drawn out decisions.


Chachi Says: Whether I have 2 readers or 200 readers, and whether they like love or hate what I have to say, they took the time and they read what I wrote. I win.


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