Monday Monday Monday!

Monday, Oh Monday. What a Finical Bitch you are.  

Well,  We got  a lot to cover so lets get right into it!So Lets start with the announcements I have to make today. Good news, All good news and should be all fun stuff.

First off, a week or so ago,  we were encouraged to do a blog post explaining what Social Media means to us. I’ve done that before, twice i believe at the previous home of chachisays. SocMed 1 and 2. So I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with a way to show what social media means to me. It took me a bit to do so. I however have thought of a way.  so This week i bring to you Guest week! Each week day i will feature a blogger whom i met because of social media. Each one brings something different to the table and each one i enjoy reading and knowing. Now dont get mad or hold a grudge because i didnt ask you to participate, it doesnt mean tha ti dont like you or that i dont care for you. These are just my picks for this week. It Starts tomorrow and you’ll have to stay tuned to find out who they are!

News Two, Starting in two weeks, i will be doing what im going to call Music review Monday.  Im going to pick an album whether new or old and review it giving my thoughts on the music and the band. So theres that.

Now to the main blog topic.

Yesterday, @sorgatron @silentninja(who would not shut up for anything) ventured out to the venue that is the Post Gazette pavillion to see Motley Crue. Great show overall, some down points due to me not liking some of the bands. I.E. Godsmack which i explained my problems to @sorgatron in great length. Just to get a rise out of him .  However as it started getting later, and people started getting and acting drunk.  Now we were standing next to a group of 4 girls, good looking obviously there by themselves. Now, i couldve easily walked over and talked to them hypothetically speaking meaning that nothing was stopping me. i had the ability too. the oppurtunity was there for an hour or so, until they were instantly swarmed by wolves on the hunt as i like to think of them. This got me thinking. Was it the liquid courage that enabled these guys to just walk up and started talking to them, or was it something more. Now, i like to think as myself as a charismatic person when i want to be. Not always out there, but can be if the mood strikes me. So i know its not that stopping me from doing what those guys do. Is it courage? Liquid or otherwise. or do i just not have that hunter instinct. It raises alot of questions about where you would fit in if we were in a winner takes all survival society. Like cave people. Would you be a hunter, gatherer, or would you perish in the dust… Just something to think about i guess.


Chachi Says:  Are you the bring home the bacon guy or girl? is there really a difference anymore about how you bring it home? whether you go out and get the pig yourself or buy it at the store. Who says we still arent in a Hunter/gatherer society?


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