Guest Post 2: Sorgatron

Day Two, Guest Two: Todays is Sorgatron, out of everyone i know from anywhere and i mean anywhere that i actively still talk too, hang out with, know, Sorg has been there the longest, its been ten years plus since i first met this guy, and i know itll be another ten easily. Sorg knows or has known everything about me(if he remembered or not thats a different story) he is my go to guy. If i have an idea, i call sorg, if i need to bitch, lets call sorg, if i get arrested, one phone call to sorg(that hasnt happened knock on wood but you get the point.) He is the peanut butter to my jelly, or the robin to my batman and i wouldnt have it any other way. You can find him almost everywhere on the internet.; ;  the guy is everywhere.

Begin Transmission:

Chachi Says, huh? 

I met Chachi, then known by another name, in another town, one fateful day.  I was the new kid at school.  Still new to having a school with more than four hallways, real lockers, and more than 45 kids in my class.  So I was sitting there, minding my own business.  The business of adjusting to my new, self inflicted change.  

Someone came into our study hall in the riser’d lecture room, in which I don’t think I ever heard a lecture, and asked for volunteers.  So this scrawny kid a grade back and I were selected and headed over to the library across the hallway and were presented with the task of stapling and folder newsletters of some sort by these older ladies. 

We were promised candy bars. 

Chachi didn’t get his when they paid up the next day. 

Fast forward to April 1999.  I was brought on as a bus boy at the local country club, my first job that didn’t involve tossing bails of hay.   But I didn’t recall our previous encounter.  But I remember the wiry “head” bus boy introducing me to “Chachi”.  Because he looks like Scott Baio. 

Chachi never looked like Scott Baio. 

Over the years, we were unsure how to present him to the world.

Cha Chi

And now he’s yours to deal with, internetz….j

Sorg says:  Sometimes when you’re looking to start over in life, you find yourself with bigger problems.  Or you can find someone that you can depend on ten years down the line when all of the girlfriends, coworkers, and classmates have faded away…and he’ll never look like Scott Baio…


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