Guest 4: Dawn

Guest Post 4! Dawn Papuga

Here is yet another one of my favorite blogging people. Dawn is the author and owner of Where her colorful rants and metaphors are enough to brighten anyday. Dawn is one of the most knowledgable people i know, whether it be video games, books, comics, mma, doesnt matter. I love the book suggestions she gives to me(no matter how screwed up the book is. and no matter how scared of my house i am! see that Dawn i made a funny! )

No she is one of the best people i know.  so here is her post!

I bet you’re expecting me to rant, aren’t you?  You can admit it.  I’ve come to terms with it.  It’s who I am.  It’s what I do.  I get it.

Sorry to disappoint, y’all.

 When Chachi asked me to write a guest post for his blog, I was all “WOOOO!!!  Of course!  That’s AWESOME!”  And then when I sat down to write it I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out what it was I wanted to say.

 Should I talk about comic books and how Marvel has disappointed me in ways no half-skilled lover could ever hope to achieve?  Should I write about MMA, and how badly I need to contact Gina Carano to find out her exact workout schedule because who DOESN’T want a body like that?  (Also, being able to mostly protect myself from an angry Cyborg in a dark alley would be useful, ‘cause, you know… it could happen.  In Brazil.  Maybe….. Ahem.)  Should I talk about how excited I was when I suggested Chachi read House of Leaves and he loved it!!!  Or should I talk about how reading ChachiSays reminds me with every post why I value genuine, thoughtful, real people who write from their hearts?  Social media has been over run with “brands” and “marketing” and “labels” and presenting one face to the world while trying to find yet another place to just be yourself because now you never know who is reading your stuff (It’s called a D-I-A-R-Y folks, and we used to use these things called P-E-N-S…). Chachi hasn’t fallen prey to that tidal wave, and I’m glad I have him to remind me to just write from the heart.

 This week of guest posting was instigated by the “What does Social Media Mean to You” meme going around for Podcamp Pittsburgh 4 (, and when I thought about it, the things that came to mind all revolved around acceptance, creativity, collaboration, and genuine, “accept me for me,” friendship.  I got to thinking about how I actually met Chachi for the first time.  He held my skirt down for me while we all were standing outside to smoke during Ann’s 80’s Prom Birthday Bash.  Had it not been for Social Media, I would never have met Chachi, I would never have played on YinzTeam with him, and I would never have had the opportunity to talk books and video games with him.

 On Wednesday this week “The-Blogger-Formerly-Known-As-PittGirl”  –Ginny Montanez—outted herself ( in order to head off anyone exposing her identity.  I remember feeling sad that someone who had come to be such a fun part of the Social Media crowd in Pittsburgh wasn’t able to meet the people I had, people who surprise you in all the good ways—people like Chachi.  Now that she’s out and about, and now that I’m living in Baltimore, I hope she steps in to take good care of the Social Media crowd in Pittsburgh while I’m gone.  They’re a unique, intelligent, diverse group of people….



 Dawn Chachi  says: The genius of Social Media is its ability to expand your world and experiences forever with a simple “Hello.” Social Media can help you find jobs, introduce you to the love of your life, or help you through a hard time if you let it.  Social Media stops being “social” when you only use it to sell yourself, your company, or a service.


3 Responses to “Guest 4: Dawn”

  1. *sniff* *sniff*

    I miss Dawn.

    YinzTeam just isn’t the same without her.

  2. That was probably the best thing I’ve read in a while…

  3. Marvel disappointment? Them’s fightin’ words. What storyline? What storyTELLER? Artist? I must KNOW!


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