Guest Post 5: Annoyed Angel

Guest Post 5: Annoyed Angel

Today’s guest post is from Annoyed Angel (

She is a great person who has taught me much about a sport i couldnt previously understand. Rugby. and adds yet another member to the yinz team whom i wouldnt want to piss off. Her blog is always entertaining and heart felt. She manages to spill her guts on every post.

When Chachi asked me to guest post on his site this week, I had no idea what I’d write about. I had a zillion random ideas. But after reading his post on the upcoming guest week, I decided to not talk about social media. I’ve done that already here.

I complain at times that rugby never gets any exposure on television or in the media in general. But we lucked out when the guys had a fun little experience a few weekends ago.

Photo courtesy of the Post-Gazette

Photo courtesy of the Post-Gazette

They were involved in a taping of the series Three Rivers, starring Alex O’Loughlin. As part of the season opener, Alex O’Loughlin’s character, Dr. Andy Yablonski, joins in a pick-up game of rugby.

I originally was going to expand on their experience in this post. But there’s just too much. I had 7 guys provide me with their interpretation of the day’s events. So instead of my editing their writings, you can read what each guy sent to me on their very own page on my blog.  Including their explanation of what’s going on in the background of this picture:

Photo courtesy of the Post-Gazette

Photo courtesy of the Post-Gazette

And you can read/see more at these links:

The Post-Gazette Article

The Trib Article

A video from the CW

If you’d like more info on the Three Rivers Red Carpet Ruggers Premier event, leave a comment on the Three Rivers page at my site. It’s sure to be entertaining.


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