The Dark Knight…..

It’s confession time on .  This is going to be hard, to talk about because i dont mention it alot, err i used to not mention it alot.

*sigh* I’m batman.

Now im not just going to leave it at that, ill back it up with evidence that i made up on the spot right now to support my claim.

Here are things i heard most:

Claim: Chachi, You dont wear pants, Batman wears Pants. 

Fact: You spend all night in tight leather pants and then tell me how you feel about pants.

Claim: Chachi, You don’t have a sweet ass car.

Fact: Yes, Im really gonna drive around in the batmobile all the time. I didn’t want to attract attention before plus, you know what that thing cost to fill up!

Claim: Chach, your not rich.

Fact: prove it

Claim: You don’t have a sidekick.

Fact: I have several. why do you think @djlunchbox and @sorgatron hang around all the time.

Now i can go on all day but honestly i have a city to save. imbatman

Chachi Says: When it all comes down to it. i give you one major fact that proves it above all else.  You have never seen batman and i in the same place at the same time.


4 Responses to “The Dark Knight…..”

  1. Listen, it’s fine if you’re Batman, really. But could you stop influencing my younger daughter? I don’t know how you’re doing it, but she refuses to put pants on after a change. This must come to an end. And no, it’s not because she wants to wear dresses either.


  2. You are definately in the running for people I would suspect of being Batman for the simple fact that you try so hard to NOT be Batman.

    …I’m on to you…

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