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Local Politician will Jump In the Mon…..AGAIN!

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Local Politician Anthony (last name redacted.) is spending his New Years Eve, the way most are. Friends, music and good times, it’s the morning after events that are a little questionable. On the first morning of 2010, Anthony and a group of his friends will once again be joining the polar bears as they take their yearly plunge into one of Pittsburgh’s three famed river. When asked about doing the event Anthony had the following to say, “Well, i do it because i feel to need too. There’s no real reason to do it, other than a story to brag about later to those who were to afraid to try it. Also, my supporters need to see that i am a politician of the people.”  To see which social media celebs are planning to jump or watch you can check it out at .

Theres also this pic of the prejump from last year. Hang over and all i was awake.

And you can go here and catch a glimpse of me coming out of the water in Uncle Crappy’s video.

Chachi Says: it’s a great way to start the new year and a great hangover cure, it shocks it right out of your system.



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So today was an Mc Frontalot kind of day.  I put on Final Boss, on the album of Final Boss which you can purchase here.

Any how, before I get sidetracked again. I began to wonder what the most common motives for final bosses. When I got to a computer I decided to google top ten final boss motives. which got me nothing. then I googled top ten video game villian motives. Once again nothing. So I decided to ask a better source. Twitter.

I sent one tweet out, 3 times and got an ok response. it was enough of a response with similar results. This combined with my own extensive knowledge of video games was enough to form an educated list.

Now let me clarify for the first of many times, that this is just the top three. they can be broken down to be more specific but they all come back to these three for the most part. There are exceptions i.e. stupidity.

Here are the top three in no Particular order.




Argue you all you want but this was the most popular responses I got.

There were others and we will get there but overall these are what made the villians do what they do.

Power: Mother Brain, Ganon, Sephiroth( and pretty much every other FF villain.)

Revenge: Donkey Kong, Dr. Wiley, Koopa Jr(the 8th and newest member of Bowsers family.)

Hate: Medusa(kid Icarus hates everyone.)

There are some other motives that just didnt have as many mentions or just one or two in general.  A character being Bat shit crazy. Or a character like Mike Tyson who is just defending his Championship.

Which brings me to my ultimate point, what would your motivation be? What would most likely cause you to become a final boss?

Chachi Says:  Do you even have what it takes to be a Final Boss? or would you just be a mini boss? the child of bowser, the area monster for Mother Brain or the Minor demon to Dracula’s ultimate sucking.  When it comes down to it, its all about your morals.

My Favorite. Effin Bad ass. Dude wanted to become a god! Epic.

Ask Chachi Says

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So yesterday i signed up for and used A website that allows anyone to leave you a question to answer. i answered every question that came in all 6 of them! and honestly they werent as bad as i thought they would be.

So i figured i would post them here for your enjoyment.

Apple Jacks or Fruit Loops?

Fruit Loops. was never big on apple jacks even though they are the same thing, just different flavors.

if you don’t wear pants what DO you wear?

Contrary to belief, i do wear pants, im just not happy about it. when im not wearing pants however im either in my bathrobe, in shorts, or just in my boxers.

why do the steelers suck now?

The city was late on their mass shipment of City of Champions Cereal which is what gave them the extra boost they needed.

What do you look for in a lady?

hmmmmmmm, cant really answer that. it varies. ive dated different types of women all over the spectrum.

What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?


What do you want for Christmas?

nothing. while it would be an awesome gesture. i have what matters most to me right now. Thanks!

Chachi says:

and here i thought id get some off the way stuff. but nah! you can still ask questions at

Ready or not here i come.

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Happiness, Health, Wealth, Friends, Family, love. the list can continue.

Out of curiosity, I did a google search for the top ten things people want out of life in this day and age. Now I don’t recommend going to the website because its some kind of cult scientology crap but overall the list is agree able. The list is from: (notice there isnt a hyper link. I don’t want to give them traffic just want to acknowledge where I swiped it from. )

Top Ten Things People Want

1. You want to get a high paying job — to start your own business — to invest in the stock market — to make more money from your business or website — to do things that will make you feel successful!

2. You want to save money — to invest your money — to save for a big purchase — to feel more secure about your future.

3. You want to save time. You want to work less and spend more time enjoying life’s pleasures.

4. You want to look better — to lose weight — to tone your body — to improve your facial features — to feel more attractive to others.

5. You want to learn something new — to learn something new that really works and will make your life better — that will make you feel smart because you did it all on your own!

6. You want you and your children to live longer — to get in shape — eat better — gain extra energy — to look and feel healthier.

7. You want to be comfortable — to be free of your common aches and pains — to sleep more comfortably.

8. You don’t want to be lonely — you want to be loved — to start dating again — to feel wanted.

9. You want to be popular — to be more popular — to be a famous celebrity — to feel praised and admired.

10. You want to gain pleasure — to satisfy your appetite and desires — to feel more fulfilled.

Like I said. the list is agreeable.  However finding yourself should be on that list. How can you achieve anything without knowing how it applies to you.

Chachi Says: I know where I am. I have no clue where I’m going or how to get there. but I at least found me. Do you know where you are?

I won! I quit my job, i quit the internet, im moving to austraila!

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Chachisays: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Peace im out!  I would just like to cover my bases and warn everyone no to actually try to respond to this. just in case a newb reads my blog.

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