Ready or not here i come.

Happiness, Health, Wealth, Friends, Family, love. the list can continue.

Out of curiosity, I did a google search for the top ten things people want out of life in this day and age. Now I don’t recommend going to the website because its some kind of cult scientology crap but overall the list is agree able. The list is from: (notice there isnt a hyper link. I don’t want to give them traffic just want to acknowledge where I swiped it from. )

Top Ten Things People Want

1. You want to get a high paying job — to start your own business — to invest in the stock market — to make more money from your business or website — to do things that will make you feel successful!

2. You want to save money — to invest your money — to save for a big purchase — to feel more secure about your future.

3. You want to save time. You want to work less and spend more time enjoying life’s pleasures.

4. You want to look better — to lose weight — to tone your body — to improve your facial features — to feel more attractive to others.

5. You want to learn something new — to learn something new that really works and will make your life better — that will make you feel smart because you did it all on your own!

6. You want you and your children to live longer — to get in shape — eat better — gain extra energy — to look and feel healthier.

7. You want to be comfortable — to be free of your common aches and pains — to sleep more comfortably.

8. You don’t want to be lonely — you want to be loved — to start dating again — to feel wanted.

9. You want to be popular — to be more popular — to be a famous celebrity — to feel praised and admired.

10. You want to gain pleasure — to satisfy your appetite and desires — to feel more fulfilled.

Like I said. the list is agreeable.  However finding yourself should be on that list. How can you achieve anything without knowing how it applies to you.

Chachi Says: I know where I am. I have no clue where I’m going or how to get there. but I at least found me. Do you know where you are?


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