So today was an Mc Frontalot kind of day.  I put on Final Boss, on the album of Final Boss which you can purchase here.

Any how, before I get sidetracked again. I began to wonder what the most common motives for final bosses. When I got to a computer I decided to google top ten final boss motives. which got me nothing. then I googled top ten video game villian motives. Once again nothing. So I decided to ask a better source. Twitter.

I sent one tweet out, 3 times and got an ok response. it was enough of a response with similar results. This combined with my own extensive knowledge of video games was enough to form an educated list.

Now let me clarify for the first of many times, that this is just the top three. they can be broken down to be more specific but they all come back to these three for the most part. There are exceptions i.e. stupidity.

Here are the top three in no Particular order.




Argue you all you want but this was the most popular responses I got.

There were others and we will get there but overall these are what made the villians do what they do.

Power: Mother Brain, Ganon, Sephiroth( and pretty much every other FF villain.)

Revenge: Donkey Kong, Dr. Wiley, Koopa Jr(the 8th and newest member of Bowsers family.)

Hate: Medusa(kid Icarus hates everyone.)

There are some other motives that just didnt have as many mentions or just one or two in general.  A character being Bat shit crazy. Or a character like Mike Tyson who is just defending his Championship.

Which brings me to my ultimate point, what would your motivation be? What would most likely cause you to become a final boss?

Chachi Says:  Do you even have what it takes to be a Final Boss? or would you just be a mini boss? the child of bowser, the area monster for Mother Brain or the Minor demon to Dracula’s ultimate sucking.  When it comes down to it, its all about your morals.

My Favorite. Effin Bad ass. Dude wanted to become a god! Epic.


One Response to “Villain………….”

  1. My motive would be vanity, I fear. To be the best, not for power, but to prove I could do it.

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