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Sniff, Sniff. It’s over. so soon.

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Well today is it. The end. The final day of this great holiday. Thusly here is the final post from me on the great day.

So the last two post of this week long theme were thankfully from twitter.

Im surprised that i didnt think of this one myself especially after the Favorite Game post. But i give to:

My Candidate for worst game ever!

Now im a huge nintendo fan and so was my father so growing up it was always nintendo. NES, SNES, 64 didnt matter.

This comes from the SNES:

Straight from Wikipedia:

As Rocky Rodent, the player plays a Rodent who must use four various hairstyles to rescue the daughter of the owner of Rocky’s favorite eatery. Rocky Rodent is a platform game with 6 levels with multiple stages, similar to a cross between Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Brothers.

now if you arent hooked from the name dropping, read this exciting plot.

“When Rocky begins eating at Pie Face Balboa’s restaurant, he unintentionally eats an envelope with Balboa’s protection money. As a result, mobsters take Balboa’s daughter. Balboa asks Rocky to rescue his daughter, promising him an All-You-Can-Eat buffet for her return.”

The game has 24 or so levels. All basically the same. Took less then one hour to beat and you felt dumber for doing it.

Chachi Says: Now i feel so wrong dedicating an entrie blog post to this game. i feel even worse about giving it a Chachi Says Segment. But i feel like it is my duty to warn you about this game.  I wish i could have that time back. but it is gone.


I’m late / I’m late / For a very important date.

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So Today marks the next to last day of Wintereenmas. Its almost over. But it shall be back.

At this point in the week we were unsure as to what we would write to finish up the week. So i went to the best brainstorming station i know…. Twitter.

Todays Topic is: What was the first game you pulled an all nighter to beat?

Now i’ve pulled alot of caffeine and snack fueled all nighters to spend the night gaming rather than sleeping. However the first all nighter that particular honor goes to the beast known as…………….

Final Fantasy VII !!!!

I remember this vividly. This was my introduction to all night gaming. Not out of will which i had already done.

But out of necessity, the game wasnt mine i had borrowed and needed to return it. I knew i was close to the conclusion so i did what i had to do. 14 straight hours of gaming.

To call it epic would be an understatement.

Conclusion: Oh, i beat the story and the extra “weapons” i made the game my bitch.

Chachi Says: Gamers do what they have to do in order to reach the level of awesomeness that we deem acceptable.  Each gamer has that moment where they go from casual to hardcore. what was yours?

Ps. thanks to Annoyed Angel for reminding me that i needed to do todays post. 🙂

Bears, Kumbaya, Camp Fires and Junk Food….

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Welcome to Friday of Wintereenmas, There is only a few days left of this years greatest holiday. Yes, i’ll be sad when it’s gone again but realize it will be back again next year. As long as you believe….

So, we were racking our brains as to what todays video game topic would be. And came to the conclusion that we would discuss our first “camp-out”.

Camp out being defined as the first time we waited for a store to open to acquire a new game, or accessory or console.

Now before i was born my dad was huge in video games, this apple doesnt fall far from the tree.  However once i came along he slowed down alot. He still played just not as much. Do i feel bad? nah not really. wasnt my fault.

However so he may have gotten me started in the venture but my uncle is the one who really pushed the issue. He supplied my fixes and gave me someone to discuss games with whenever i wanted.

So in this sense Camping out is being used as getting to a store way before it opened to get a new game. now being excited as i was i didnt sleep much the night before and was up early. Now he got me pumped for the game. However wasnt able to go get it. Luckily i had a source within walking distance. Unfortunately i was only able to rent it at this time because it was a rental place not a buying place which was fine with me.  so i woke up. extremely early. and waited. and waited and waited. i counted and recounted the money i needed to rent the game for a decent amount of time to make sure i could enjoy it.

The Year was 1994, the month, August. The Game.

The Game was Super Metroid

With updated graphics new and old baddies combined you prepare to do battle once again to secure or destroy the last of the remaining parasites known as The Metroid. The continuing storyline meant that you left off right where the last one did.  Which in those times, was a big deal.

This also lead to my first video game related injury.  Now before you laugh it was a neck stiffness issue. the video games were setup in a different room away from the main tv so that we could play and play and play and not piss anyone off. well after a few hours my ass went numb. so i switched from the chair to the floor and was looking up at the tv. For waaaaaaay too long. that lead to me not being able to turn my head and meant a trip to get it aligned and loosened up. im a genius.

Chachi Says: i had the game for a week. I made it through 1 and a half times. which means i beat it and then made it half way back through. I returned it and bought it an hour later to continue my conquest. This wouldnt be the first time something like this happened and I know it wont be the last time.

Rain Drops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

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Continuing on with the wintereenmas theme, todays topic is favorite game. Now unlike most things where people find it difficult to narrow it down to one. I can honestly do this. I can pinpoint my favorite video game of all time. this is actually quite obvious if you know me and have seen me in person.

If your reading this then you have already seen my header. Which should answer the question itself.  However i will spell it out for you here now.

Introducing my favorite game of all time.

The Legend of Zelda. End of story. hands down. Now before the haters start jumping on me, i’m not saying that this is the greatest game of all time. Just happens to be my favorite.

The story, the opening roaming world, the monsters, the side characters. Its a toss up between the Shop keeper whose only line is “Buy Something Will Ya?” and the Old wise guy at the Beginning who says “Its dangerous to go alone, Take This.” as to which side character is my favorite. The old guy has the edge though because he gives you a sword and sends you out to whoop some ass. Free Weapons are always great.

Then you’re off to defeat the evil Ganon, Save the triforce, the world and dammit your woman! Now i cannot begin to tell you the number of times i’ve beat this game on the normal setting. I can however tell you the number of times i have beat the Master Quest version of this game. One. thats it. it is by far a hard ass game. but you boost up the baddies and the amount of damage you take and daaaaamn.  This game is my go to game. if i feel like just relaxing and not thinking i pop this in my working nintendo and go to town.

Chachi Says: This is also the first game i ever beat in my video game career. The challenges, the adventure it was all there begging me to go through and save the princess.

Nerdy Poetry.

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Sorg thought that we should do a nerdy themed poetry post. I agreed.

So here is my Horrible haiku Entitled Ninja Man

Run Ninja Man Run

Swords, Knives, Guns, No Kitchen Sink Though

Fight Ninja Man Fight

Chachi Says: and there you have it. nerdy gamer haiku. Go check out what Sorgy Poo has posted over at

Show your geekdom.

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Sorg wanted to do this post. This was not my idea. He decided that the Second day of Wintereenmas we should show our true geekdom.

The visual effects are just the easiest examples i could there is also the hacked xbox, the og nes, the ps2, the wands, the replica zelda sword so on and so forth.

So here as if you forgot……..

Those are just a few of many examples for you.

Chachi Says: Now, normally i would say that i win, but i’ve known sorg a very very very very long time now and Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is just as geeky as i am.

Now run along and see what Sorg posted:

Why don’t you show us your geeky side?

Damn Dude, that Girl is fiiiiiineee.

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Happy Wintereenmas one and all! it is finally the greatest week and my favorite week of the year.  Today marks the start of a week long blog exchanging video game themed series from @sorgatron ( and I.

Today’s topic is what video game character we believe to be the finest in the land.

I had several ideas as to who i thought this could be.  Princess Peach, Nah to dependent.  Carman Sandeigo nah too klepto.  Then it hit me.

My choice is non other than Princess Zelda!

Now here is a beautiful, strong, intelligent women. Sure she needed rescued a couple times but honestly who doesnt. However after that she learned to take care of herself Doubt me? Oh, then you must not remember this. Sheik! or Princess Zelda with super bad ass Ninja training. So not only do we have a hot ass princess who is more intelligent than alot of the other damsels out there this one is super hero like with the skillz of a ninja. Winner all around!

Chachi Says: So lets recap, Royalty: Check! Sexy: Check! Smart: Check! Bad Ass Super Hero like Ninja: ahhhh hellls yeah!

eat it sorg!

Now run along and see what Sorg posted: