New Year oh what a new year…….

So Tis been awhile since i last sat down to do a bloggy blog.  Let’s catch up shall we……

Dec 31st 2009, i spent this at the BEV lounge with a bunch of tweeps and brought the new year in right aka lots of drinking and very lil sleep. The sleep i did get was no where near enough for what we would do early the next morning……..

Jan 1st 2010, After waking up later than i was supposed too thanks to a wake up call from teh sorg(it was supposed to be vice versa) and my attempts to wake others to which i heard the best logical half asleep comment ever from @burghseyeview when i tried to wake him for the polar plunge. “we’re late? fuck it, im not going.”  greatest response ever. He and everyone else however did go. and we did jump.  as shown here thanks to Rob’s video skillz .

After that long weekend it was back to work, where if you follow me on twitter (@chachisays )  you know that i was offered a full time position with the firm themselves which was consuming alot of my time. And i mean alot.

And that brings us up to the present, i missed most of last week due to an upper respiratory infection and get to return to work monday finally.

Which happens to bring us to my most favoritest week of the entire week.  The week when i rejoice in my nerdom.let me explain.

web comic Ctrl-alt-del introduced this “holiday” a few years ago. and to me it is the greatest.

I give to you

Now this year, Myself and @Sorgatron from are going to trade blog post all about video games in one way or another. this is starting monday with our posts dedicated to which video game character we think is the finest.

Chachi Says: I dont stomp on your beliefs but feel free to laugh at mine. It is really funny. Stay tuned lots of blog posts are on their way!


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