Show your geekdom.

Sorg wanted to do this post. This was not my idea. He decided that the Second day of Wintereenmas we should show our true geekdom.

The visual effects are just the easiest examples i could there is also the hacked xbox, the og nes, the ps2, the wands, the replica zelda sword so on and so forth.

So here as if you forgot……..

Those are just a few of many examples for you.

Chachi Says: Now, normally i would say that i win, but i’ve known sorg a very very very very long time now and Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is just as geeky as i am.

Now run along and see what Sorg posted:

Why don’t you show us your geeky side?


2 Responses to “Show your geekdom.”

  1. annoyedangelrants Says:

    I love you, Chach. Also, can I qualify to be the Princess? I’ll buy – no, make – a fancy dress……

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