Rain Drops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

Continuing on with the wintereenmas theme, todays topic is favorite game. Now unlike most things where people find it difficult to narrow it down to one. I can honestly do this. I can pinpoint my favorite video game of all time. this is actually quite obvious if you know me and have seen me in person.

If your reading this then you have already seen my header. Which should answer the question itself.  However i will spell it out for you here now.

Introducing my favorite game of all time.

The Legend of Zelda. End of story. hands down. Now before the haters start jumping on me, i’m not saying that this is the greatest game of all time. Just happens to be my favorite.

The story, the opening roaming world, the monsters, the side characters. Its a toss up between the Shop keeper whose only line is “Buy Something Will Ya?” and the Old wise guy at the Beginning who says “Its dangerous to go alone, Take This.” as to which side character is my favorite. The old guy has the edge though because he gives you a sword and sends you out to whoop some ass. Free Weapons are always great.

Then you’re off to defeat the evil Ganon, Save the triforce, the world and dammit your woman! Now i cannot begin to tell you the number of times i’ve beat this game on the normal setting. I can however tell you the number of times i have beat the Master Quest version of this game. One. thats it. it is by far a hard ass game. but you boost up the baddies and the amount of damage you take and daaaaamn.  This game is my go to game. if i feel like just relaxing and not thinking i pop this in my working nintendo and go to town.

Chachi Says: This is also the first game i ever beat in my video game career. The challenges, the adventure it was all there begging me to go through and save the princess.


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