Bears, Kumbaya, Camp Fires and Junk Food….

Welcome to Friday of Wintereenmas, There is only a few days left of this years greatest holiday. Yes, i’ll be sad when it’s gone again but realize it will be back again next year. As long as you believe….

So, we were racking our brains as to what todays video game topic would be. And came to the conclusion that we would discuss our first “camp-out”.

Camp out being defined as the first time we waited for a store to open to acquire a new game, or accessory or console.

Now before i was born my dad was huge in video games, this apple doesnt fall far from the tree.  However once i came along he slowed down alot. He still played just not as much. Do i feel bad? nah not really. wasnt my fault.

However so he may have gotten me started in the venture but my uncle is the one who really pushed the issue. He supplied my fixes and gave me someone to discuss games with whenever i wanted.

So in this sense Camping out is being used as getting to a store way before it opened to get a new game. now being excited as i was i didnt sleep much the night before and was up early. Now he got me pumped for the game. However wasnt able to go get it. Luckily i had a source within walking distance. Unfortunately i was only able to rent it at this time because it was a rental place not a buying place which was fine with me.  so i woke up. extremely early. and waited. and waited and waited. i counted and recounted the money i needed to rent the game for a decent amount of time to make sure i could enjoy it.

The Year was 1994, the month, August. The Game.

The Game was Super Metroid

With updated graphics new and old baddies combined you prepare to do battle once again to secure or destroy the last of the remaining parasites known as The Metroid. The continuing storyline meant that you left off right where the last one did.  Which in those times, was a big deal.

This also lead to my first video game related injury.  Now before you laugh it was a neck stiffness issue. the video games were setup in a different room away from the main tv so that we could play and play and play and not piss anyone off. well after a few hours my ass went numb. so i switched from the chair to the floor and was looking up at the tv. For waaaaaaay too long. that lead to me not being able to turn my head and meant a trip to get it aligned and loosened up. im a genius.

Chachi Says: i had the game for a week. I made it through 1 and a half times. which means i beat it and then made it half way back through. I returned it and bought it an hour later to continue my conquest. This wouldnt be the first time something like this happened and I know it wont be the last time.


2 Responses to “Bears, Kumbaya, Camp Fires and Junk Food….”

  1. Super Metroid. YESSSSSSS!

  2. […] on the other end.  I don’t have anything at such a young age, or with subsequent injury like my cohort, but still a big one to me.  In 2006, I was taken by the Nintendo Wii.  It was a new controller. […]

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