I’m late / I’m late / For a very important date.

So Today marks the next to last day of Wintereenmas. Its almost over. But it shall be back.

At this point in the week we were unsure as to what we would write to finish up the week. So i went to the best brainstorming station i know…. Twitter.

Todays Topic is: What was the first game you pulled an all nighter to beat?

Now i’ve pulled alot of caffeine and snack fueled all nighters to spend the night gaming rather than sleeping. However the first all nighter that particular honor goes to the beast known as…………….

Final Fantasy VII !!!!

I remember this vividly. This was my introduction to all night gaming. Not out of will which i had already done.

But out of necessity, the game wasnt mine i had borrowed and needed to return it. I knew i was close to the conclusion so i did what i had to do. 14 straight hours of gaming.

To call it epic would be an understatement.

Conclusion: Oh, i beat the story and the extra “weapons” i made the game my bitch.

Chachi Says: Gamers do what they have to do in order to reach the level of awesomeness that we deem acceptable.  Each gamer has that moment where they go from casual to hardcore. what was yours?

Ps. thanks to Annoyed Angel for reminding me that i needed to do todays post. 🙂


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