Sniff, Sniff. It’s over. so soon.

Well today is it. The end. The final day of this great holiday. Thusly here is the final post from me on the great day.

So the last two post of this week long theme were thankfully from twitter.

Im surprised that i didnt think of this one myself especially after the Favorite Game post. But i give to:

My Candidate for worst game ever!

Now im a huge nintendo fan and so was my father so growing up it was always nintendo. NES, SNES, 64 didnt matter.

This comes from the SNES:

Straight from Wikipedia:

As Rocky Rodent, the player plays a Rodent who must use four various hairstyles to rescue the daughter of the owner of Rocky’s favorite eatery. Rocky Rodent is a platform game with 6 levels with multiple stages, similar to a cross between Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Brothers.

now if you arent hooked from the name dropping, read this exciting plot.

“When Rocky begins eating at Pie Face Balboa’s restaurant, he unintentionally eats an envelope with Balboa’s protection money. As a result, mobsters take Balboa’s daughter. Balboa asks Rocky to rescue his daughter, promising him an All-You-Can-Eat buffet for her return.”

The game has 24 or so levels. All basically the same. Took less then one hour to beat and you felt dumber for doing it.

Chachi Says: Now i feel so wrong dedicating an entrie blog post to this game. i feel even worse about giving it a Chachi Says Segment. But i feel like it is my duty to warn you about this game.  I wish i could have that time back. but it is gone.


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