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Social Media is great. It really is. Until you realize that life really does just fly by.  Friends from high school have begun to seek me out on facebook. Here is a picture that one of them posted. Of Me. That honestly i didnt remember until seeing it.

11th grade homecoming…….

Chachi Says: How the hell are you supposed to stop and smell the flowers when they are a blur on the side of the road.  I guess balancing life isnt supposed to be easy.


If you?

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I was sitting around thinking about super heroes. Like I usually do. And it came into my head, what would I pick. If I could. Super power wise.

So I pose this to you.

What super power would you want to have? Established or not. Meaning get creative.

Chachi says: I would want to have Rogue’s power, the ability to borrow other powers from other people. 😉

Why I.T. you ask?

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So I’m in I.t. if you didn’t know this already and while I may complain a lot about the people I deal with. I love my job and what I do. Its me. It fits.

Sorg is really the one who got me started. He gave me a bunch of parts and the learning process began. And quickly as I would soon fry a hard drive with a magnectic screw driver. From there it was all trial and error.

Now originally I started with business classes at vo-tech during high school and decided to continue with it. However there was no challenge for me, it got boring real quick. Here is a lil tmi for you. I was sitting on the toliet reading the penny saver and saw an ad for icm which is now kaplan. It was for a program called criminal justice cybercrime. Sounded real interesting and it was.

I went for it, felt like I needed the piece of paper to get jobs. Certainly couldn’t hurt. Before I knew it I was done and off.

I’ve been in I.t. career wise for 6 years now.

Now, here’s why I believe it fits, its all about the puzzles. I’ve been playing video games for longer than I can remember. My dad was a gamer and gave up on it when I was born. (Sorry pops.) He made sure damn sure I got into it though. Now a lot of video games are filled with puzzles(duh), increasing problem solving skills and outside the box thinking.

Chachi says: video games got me where I am today. Believe it or not. Now it may not seem much but I go to work with a smile on my face everyday.

I am Me.

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I got laughed at recently at work, they asked what i did for lunch. I told them i went to the arcade, played Ms. Pacman.  They chuckled and then ask why?

Umm, what? i need to provide a reason why i choose to go have an enjoyable lunch at an arcade rather than find a restaurant and sit down and eat??? Didnt realize i needed to make sense out of all my decisions with you……

Listen this is the way i am,

I smoke. ( a simple, hey can you put that out its bother me will suffice. i dont need dirty looks or snide remarks. Kindness kills. Most likely if i know it bothers you i wont light up until we seperate anyhow.)

I drink.

I will play video games at great length if you let me.

I will quote movie lines that you dont know.(not applicable to people reading this most likely.)

I will drop everything to help a friend in need if i can.

I go to church.

i volunteer at said chuch.

i will bitch about the above two sometimes.

You are able to read me like a book.

When you ask me whats wrong i will say nothing regardless.

If you persist i will tell you everything.

Chachi Says: i am me. For better or worse i am who i am, and thats all i can be. And honestly, i wouldnt want it any other way.

Cop Out.

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Chachi says: sometimes you just need a true day off. Lounging around doing what you want to do, ignoring looming chores or tasks. Ya know make life enjoyabe for you.

There will be a real post tomorrow.

Remember high school?

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Well, its satuday night, I have some kind of head cold which means I’m doped up and vitamined up so that I can kick this by Monday.

I was sitting around and had a pb&j.(crusts intact thankyouverymuch) and for some reason it reminded me of high school. Not sure why now it reminded me but oh well.

Some of the lunches. Ya know, chicken nugget day and nacho day. The nuggets themselves were mediocre but compared to the daily fare overall they were golden deliciousness delivered with the cafeteria mashed potatoes that were filled with crack. And nachos in just about any form is a treat from the gods.

Chachi says: its funny how and when your mind decides to trigger these memories and thoughts. There are millions of other times it happens. Embrace it. But don’t dwell in it for too long. Gotta live for the future, and remember the past. Right?

Now Hiring: Tired, Sleepy Security Guards.

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So, at work, an ex employee with some form of dementia has been trying to get in to our floors.  We have security sitting right by our doors on most of our floors.

Great, Fantastic even. IF they were doing their job.

instead, this is what all of them have been doing…..

EXCEPT, the new ones. or the higher up ones. Those people think they are cops. I wish i was kidding.  On lunch one day, i sat outside on a bench. and heard them discuss the job. Every 30 secs or so they refered to non-security as civilians. Now im sorry, but my degree says Criminal Justice on it and i dont call people civilians.

I got stopped this morning so he could attempt to check my gym bag. I laughed at him and walked away.  i wouldnt let a cop check my stuff what makes him think that ill let a rent-a-cop check my bag. Dumbass.

Chachi Says: It seriously makes me consider a career change. I could use an extra 8 hours of sleep a day while getting paid…. Oh Shit, here he comes with the mag light. Security Abuse, Security Abuse. J/K.