Now Hiring: Tired, Sleepy Security Guards.

So, at work, an ex employee with some form of dementia has been trying to get in to our floors.  We have security sitting right by our doors on most of our floors.

Great, Fantastic even. IF they were doing their job.

instead, this is what all of them have been doing…..

EXCEPT, the new ones. or the higher up ones. Those people think they are cops. I wish i was kidding.  On lunch one day, i sat outside on a bench. and heard them discuss the job. Every 30 secs or so they refered to non-security as civilians. Now im sorry, but my degree says Criminal Justice on it and i dont call people civilians.

I got stopped this morning so he could attempt to check my gym bag. I laughed at him and walked away.  i wouldnt let a cop check my stuff what makes him think that ill let a rent-a-cop check my bag. Dumbass.

Chachi Says: It seriously makes me consider a career change. I could use an extra 8 hours of sleep a day while getting paid…. Oh Shit, here he comes with the mag light. Security Abuse, Security Abuse. J/K.


One Response to “Now Hiring: Tired, Sleepy Security Guards.”

  1. paminpgh Says:

    Fantastic. Maglite. HA!

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