Remember high school?

Well, its satuday night, I have some kind of head cold which means I’m doped up and vitamined up so that I can kick this by Monday.

I was sitting around and had a pb&j.(crusts intact thankyouverymuch) and for some reason it reminded me of high school. Not sure why now it reminded me but oh well.

Some of the lunches. Ya know, chicken nugget day and nacho day. The nuggets themselves were mediocre but compared to the daily fare overall they were golden deliciousness delivered with the cafeteria mashed potatoes that were filled with crack. And nachos in just about any form is a treat from the gods.

Chachi says: its funny how and when your mind decides to trigger these memories and thoughts. There are millions of other times it happens. Embrace it. But don’t dwell in it for too long. Gotta live for the future, and remember the past. Right?


2 Responses to “Remember high school?”

  1. I miss steak nuggets and mexican pizza. Those were days to celebrate. otherwise, packed lunches in high school, much the same as now as an adult. I wish I still had mexican pizza day to look forward to.

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