I am Me.

I got laughed at recently at work, they asked what i did for lunch. I told them i went to the arcade, played Ms. Pacman.  They chuckled and then ask why?

Umm, what? i need to provide a reason why i choose to go have an enjoyable lunch at an arcade rather than find a restaurant and sit down and eat??? Didnt realize i needed to make sense out of all my decisions with you……

Listen this is the way i am,

I smoke. ( a simple, hey can you put that out its bother me will suffice. i dont need dirty looks or snide remarks. Kindness kills. Most likely if i know it bothers you i wont light up until we seperate anyhow.)

I drink.

I will play video games at great length if you let me.

I will quote movie lines that you dont know.(not applicable to people reading this most likely.)

I will drop everything to help a friend in need if i can.

I go to church.

i volunteer at said chuch.

i will bitch about the above two sometimes.

You are able to read me like a book.

When you ask me whats wrong i will say nothing regardless.

If you persist i will tell you everything.

Chachi Says: i am me. For better or worse i am who i am, and thats all i can be. And honestly, i wouldnt want it any other way.


4 Responses to “I am Me.”

  1. and we love you madly because of all of it.


  2. That’s pretty much much first statement on all my social networking sites. “I am Me.” I don’t see any reason to by anyone else but yourself. 🙂 I don’t even know you other than through your blog and twitter and I think your great.

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