Why I.T. you ask?

So I’m in I.t. if you didn’t know this already and while I may complain a lot about the people I deal with. I love my job and what I do. Its me. It fits.

Sorg is really the one who got me started. He gave me a bunch of parts and the learning process began. And quickly as I would soon fry a hard drive with a magnectic screw driver. From there it was all trial and error.

Now originally I started with business classes at vo-tech during high school and decided to continue with it. However there was no challenge for me, it got boring real quick. Here is a lil tmi for you. I was sitting on the toliet reading the penny saver and saw an ad for icm which is now kaplan. It was for a program called criminal justice cybercrime. Sounded real interesting and it was.

I went for it, felt like I needed the piece of paper to get jobs. Certainly couldn’t hurt. Before I knew it I was done and off.

I’ve been in I.t. career wise for 6 years now.

Now, here’s why I believe it fits, its all about the puzzles. I’ve been playing video games for longer than I can remember. My dad was a gamer and gave up on it when I was born. (Sorry pops.) He made sure damn sure I got into it though. Now a lot of video games are filled with puzzles(duh), increasing problem solving skills and outside the box thinking.

Chachi says: video games got me where I am today. Believe it or not. Now it may not seem much but I go to work with a smile on my face everyday.


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