A public letter of apology….

I did some thinking. (Right, that’s where the burning smell came from.)

I’ve played video games for a very long time.

it varies what i play, and for how long i play.

i’ve done a lot of damage to a lot of “bad” guys over the years, some more than others but in one particular game, one “bad” guy has paid the price more so then others.

So here, for all the world to see i offer my deepest apologies to……..



I’m sorry, for everything. In my defense though, you are the first one out of the box, and the one that seems to know where i always am. However it still isnt fair that you paid more than the others. This doesnt mean that it’ll stop just that i will make an effort to attack your friends first from here on in.

I also want you to know that i am aware that we are both doing what we are supposed to do, so i dont take it personally when you out smart me. And i hope that you dont either.



Chachi Says: Sometimes you have to make sure that every0ne knows that they are appreciated. They may know, but it doesnt hurt to enforce it with a smile.

Tomorrow we discuss the good guy bad guy point of view as it applies to video games.


2 Responses to “A public letter of apology….”

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