Good vs Evil, but which side is which……

Our entire lives we have been spoon fed stories on how things are and how certain events went down. Which in all honesty is probably how they did go down.  This I can accept, but there is some things that we have only been given one side of the story too.

Please join me as we step into The Chachi Zone:

Imagine, if you will, a popular story. A princess taken from her castle by an evil villain with henchmen galore to stand in the way.  The villain out to take that which doesn’t belong to him and conquer the kingdom. The only people that can save this princess and defeat the evil tyrant is……. a couple of plumbers.  Brothers no less. One even has the Same First and Last name. They rescue the princess more times than one would believe.

Now, take that well known popular story, and flip it.

We only know one side of the story. the side of which was given to us.  We don’t know what’s on the other side of that coin.  What if I were to tell you that not only in this story but countless other popular stories were filled with oppression and tyranny. Ah, hold on baby birds I’ll feed you. ( that line was not so gently stolen from Daniel Tosh )

Now picture this. A kingdom, Mushroom Kingdom to be exact. Run with maliciousness and greed. A kingdom run by an evil bitch of a princess. One that is not so helpless as she may seem, but one hell bent on conquering all that she can. When one day, the peons decide that they have had enough. they will no longer be punished for what is not a crime. One of them Rises up to lead, to organize, to fight back.  Well, of course the royal family is not going to let this happen. So they hire two “plumbers” to flush and wash away the rebellion. Not so plain cut now is it.

The same story can be applied to Hyrule as well. All we know is that one side says the other took the triforce. Its hearsay.

Chachi Says:  Who knows what really happened in Mushroom, Hyrule or even the mazes of Pacman, he could’ve been stealing from the ghost.  and they just protecting whats theirs.  Who knows.


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