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Chachi Fun Fact!

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If you have seen my vidcasty already then you know that there is a song that plays at the beginning and end for a few seconds.

I have dropped this on twitter before to be entertaining.

That is my song. As in i wrote and recorded it and with the help of @sorgatron produced it to the quality that you hear.

This wasnt the first i recorded, there a few others. However this one is my favorite and quite frankly sounds the best. I have also done shows in pittsburgh and ohio. It was alot of fun and time consuming to say the least.

The video was recorded at a holiday inn in the middle of BFE Ohio. We played a comic convention put on by the guys over at Awful show called Con on the Cob.  So thats when this video was recorded.

and the great and powerful Sorg suggested that i should release the actual track for you to have and download and Laugh at. because if you dont laugh then ive failed.

So here it is.  Song entitled: Nerdz in teh Club by me! Enjoy!

Click Here to download.

Chachi Says: So i wasnt very good at it. But i tried! and thats all that matters. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments!


Its shiny new!

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If you’re reading this, and you must be because immmmmmm awesome!
Then you have already seen the new header.
I told sorg that I wanted an 8 bit-esque picture done to use for this and for the vids.

AND BAM! Dude got it done!

The header comes from the talanted hands of @mangtoons ! Follow him and read his tech inspired cartoons!

Chachi says: I likes new things. Let me know what you think and ill be back with new things for you tomorrow!

Yet Another Monday……

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Here we are back on the start of yet another week in this cycle we call life.

As you know Monday’s are very special around here. I havent always felt this way about Mondays but it seems now that i have something to look forward too.

Well, this week we have something special for you!

Podcamp was two weekends ago. During which i participated in Live episode of the AwesomeCast and asked for Audience Particiaption(you’re excited already, i can feel it.) in which people manned or womanned their own cameras to help us film the extremely experimental Chachi Says the Vidcast!!!!!!!

So before i hit you with the link and the insert, let me just start by saying a huge thank you to those who manned/womanned the cameras and helped us out with this semi short but huuge endeavor.

And a very huge thank you to the man that makes Chachi Says: The Vidcast magic happen. Mr. Wizard @Sorgatron, the shit he had to go through to make this episode happen and to edit it altogether to make sure that you got it on time, not exactly an easy task. Thanks Sorg!

So without Further adieu Here is the next installment of  *awesome music bum bum bum bum buuuuuuuum* Chachi Says: The Vidcast: The Problem with Pants. In this episode I discuss further my issue with the evil beasts known as pants, in front of a live audience!

Or you can watch it here at

Chachi Says: and here i thought it was hard to look at 3 cameras and share the attention. sheesh. i almost broke my neck doing that!

Public apology 2.

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So last time I did this it was too a fictional character in a joking manner.

This time it’s a real person who I’ve held an unnecessary  grudge against, and really for no reason other than the methods in which he accomplished his goal. The worse part is I did not even say it to his face. and if I did he didn’t see or acknowledge further fueling a ridiculous battle that wasn’t worth fighting. Further Kudos to you.

The way he uses twitter is the same any one else does. Sends out links that make him laugh, entertain him or helps causes that he and others care about. So……….

Dear Ashton Kutcher,

I apologize for the relentless bashing I did of you and your use of twitter. For a while I was bashing you because of the way you gained the followers which you would’ve most likely gotten anyhow. I then stopped and realized that your use of twitter is the same as myself and others that I follow.

it was mean and irrational for me to behave in this manner.

Once again I Apologize.


Chachi Says.

Chachi says:  Sometimes we do things and we don’t stop to thing about why we do these things. Give it rational thought and you may surprise yourself.


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Welcome to Monday.

Tis an alright Monday….. So far its going well. which is always a plus…..

Pod camp has come and gone and was a great success.  It was a lot of fun and educational which is expected every year.

We recorded a live episode of the Awesomecast, .

In the middle of which we recorded a first ever live episode of Chachi Says the vidcast using 7 or so different camera angles. so expect that in coming weeks. Thanks to everyone who shot the footage and plan to get it to Sorg for editing.

Met a ton of new people, put names to faces and helped out as much as i could. The organizers did a great job putting it together and i can not wait until next years!

With all of that said, ITS MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorg the wizard that he is, had not only time to help handle podcamp stuff but he had enough energy to edit and post this weeks……………………………………..

Chachi Says: The Vidcast!

This is not a happy one. i was angry. and still am when i think about this but it cant all be rainbows!

You can watch in the window above or here at


Chachi Says: Feedback is welcome and encouraged! Let me know what you think about the videos so i can improve and change it as needed! Thanks!

YAY Monday!

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Its Monday! which normally is a pain in the ass but we here at Chachi Says Enterprises get excited on Mondays. Why you ask? Well, because little ones, Monday is New Chachi Says The Vidcast Day!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

In this weeks episode i talk about my upcoming phone decision. And yes i want your input!

You can catch it at the usual spots! Here at

Here is the Youtube.

Also! Im on itunes! you can go there and watch the video!!!!!!!

I been asked by the producers of my show to have you comment and comment alot! Funny comments, angry comments, pretend angry comments! doesnt matter. just comment it up please!!!!!!!

Chachi Says: Monday isnt so bad when you sprinkle it with awesomeness!

Chachi Says The Vidcast! Episode 1

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The first episode of Chachi Says The Vidcast has been posted today!

The one in which he discusses podcamp!

Goo Here and watch it!

Here! or Here!

Chachi say: Its awesome!