The one in which Chachi has NEW STUFF!

Yes, it is i.

i know i havent come around as much as i once did. but i promise i come bearing gifts.

Some for you and some for me……

First a big thanks to The Sorgs.

Me cumpleaños is rapidly approaching. As you may know i recently lost my .com due to my

own mistakes. i.e. forgot and didnt have it linked to a current email address therefore, sniped.

The lady that has it Dori Friend.  her website an seo and im guessing a bad one if she is stooping so low as to snipe domains.  She offered it to me for an outrageous amount. Fuck that lady.

Well, The Sorgs helped me build my empire. They bought and !

Love it. Thanks Guys!

And for you…

My new venture pushed by Senor Sorg………

Chachi Says…….. The Vidcast!

Can see the vid cast at Here on or here on youtube.

Thats right once a week you will get a 5 – 6 min video of me. Discussing what ever topic you give me or i come up with! This venture is brought on and inspired partly by Penn Point. If you havent seen it check it out here.

Sorg said you can do that. So i did.

here is episode Zero.

Chachi Says: Its a new venture, we are hoping for a weekly wednesday posting. So if you have topics send them to me!!!


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