YAY Monday!

Its Monday! which normally is a pain in the ass but we here at Chachi Says Enterprises get excited on Mondays. Why you ask? Well, because little ones, Monday is New Chachi Says The Vidcast Day!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

In this weeks episode i talk about my upcoming phone decision. And yes i want your input!

You can catch it at the usual spots! Here at Chachisays.blip.tv.

Here is the Youtube.

Also! Im on itunes! you can go there and watch the video!!!!!!!

I been asked by the producers of my show to have you comment and comment alot! Funny comments, angry comments, pretend angry comments! doesnt matter. just comment it up please!!!!!!!

Chachi Says: Monday isnt so bad when you sprinkle it with awesomeness!


2 Responses to “YAY Monday!”

  1. You should just get an iphone. Everybody know they are the bestestestest.

  2. You are a big nerd. That’s what makes u awesome!

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