Welcome to Monday.

Tis an alright Monday….. So far its going well. which is always a plus…..

Pod camp has come and gone and was a great success.  It was a lot of fun and educational which is expected every year.

We recorded a live episode of the Awesomecast, www.awesomecast.com .

In the middle of which we recorded a first ever live episode of Chachi Says the vidcast using 7 or so different camera angles. so expect that in coming weeks. Thanks to everyone who shot the footage and plan to get it to Sorg for editing.

Met a ton of new people, put names to faces and helped out as much as i could. The organizers did a great job putting it together and i can not wait until next years!

With all of that said, ITS MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorg the wizard that he is, had not only time to help handle podcamp stuff but he had enough energy to edit and post this weeks……………………………………..

Chachi Says: The Vidcast!

This is not a happy one. i was angry. and still am when i think about this but it cant all be rainbows!

You can watch in the window above or here at Chachisays.blip.tv


Chachi Says: Feedback is welcome and encouraged! Let me know what you think about the videos so i can improve and change it as needed! Thanks!



  1. Well. Barely enough energy. Hence the lessened graphics and music. But it stands on it’s own..

  2. Not all rainbows and puppies? I’ve got a shite load of puppies in my trunk. Get Fed!

    Kick you in the junk?!? The new whooo!

    “You can’t help when you have to help” love it.

    we should talk.

  3. After I heard about your vlog at PodCamp I thought I would check out. Favorite Line: “I’m not here to judge”.

  4. Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

  5. Good Afternoon

    Just wanted to show my appreciation for your time and hard work

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