Public apology 2.

So last time I did this it was too a fictional character in a joking manner.

This time it’s a real person who I’ve held an unnecessary  grudge against, and really for no reason other than the methods in which he accomplished his goal. The worse part is I did not even say it to his face. and if I did he didn’t see or acknowledge further fueling a ridiculous battle that wasn’t worth fighting. Further Kudos to you.

The way he uses twitter is the same any one else does. Sends out links that make him laugh, entertain him or helps causes that he and others care about. So……….

Dear Ashton Kutcher,

I apologize for the relentless bashing I did of you and your use of twitter. For a while I was bashing you because of the way you gained the followers which you would’ve most likely gotten anyhow. I then stopped and realized that your use of twitter is the same as myself and others that I follow.

it was mean and irrational for me to behave in this manner.

Once again I Apologize.


Chachi Says.

Chachi says:  Sometimes we do things and we don’t stop to thing about why we do these things. Give it rational thought and you may surprise yourself.


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