Yet Another Monday……

Here we are back on the start of yet another week in this cycle we call life.

As you know Monday’s are very special around here. I havent always felt this way about Mondays but it seems now that i have something to look forward too.

Well, this week we have something special for you!

Podcamp was two weekends ago. During which i participated in Live episode of the AwesomeCast and asked for Audience Particiaption(you’re excited already, i can feel it.) in which people manned or womanned their own cameras to help us film the extremely experimental Chachi Says the Vidcast!!!!!!!

So before i hit you with the link and the insert, let me just start by saying a huge thank you to those who manned/womanned the cameras and helped us out with this semi short but huuge endeavor.

And a very huge thank you to the man that makes Chachi Says: The Vidcast magic happen. Mr. Wizard @Sorgatron, the shit he had to go through to make this episode happen and to edit it altogether to make sure that you got it on time, not exactly an easy task. Thanks Sorg!

So without Further adieu Here is the next installment of  *awesome music bum bum bum bum buuuuuuuum* Chachi Says: The Vidcast: The Problem with Pants. In this episode I discuss further my issue with the evil beasts known as pants, in front of a live audience!

Or you can watch it here at

Chachi Says: and here i thought it was hard to look at 3 cameras and share the attention. sheesh. i almost broke my neck doing that!


One Response to “Yet Another Monday……”

  1. annoyedangelrants Says:

    I super amazingly ❤ you, Chachi. whatever you do is stellar to me. Bam! COMMENT! Also, you are an amazing friend. I'd be lost without you. True story. Thanks, friend.

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